The offbeat bride: Mery, art student

Her offbeat partner: Kris, UPS supervisor

Location & date of wedding: Cain's Ballroom, Tulsa, OK — October 29, 2010

What made our wedding offbeat: Kris and I have been together for eight years. We have been busy with school and work and just never got around to getting married. But on Halloween of 2009, Kris had roses, candles, and a seventy-pound pumpkin carved with “Will you marry me?” waiting for me outside of my parents' front door when we arrived for their party. I said yes, of course.

IMG_4932I ended up choosing a black light theme that turned into a “Pepperland” (The BeatlesYellow Submarine movie) theme. I made a lot of decorations that were UV reactive and had glow bracelets and necklaces. We had black lights set up all around to make the decor glow. We had little Yellow Submarine characters set up on the welcome table as well as the cakes table. I had a garter that was UV reactive and instead of me throwing my bouquet, I had Kris wear a matching garter as well and I threw that.

IMG_4852I am an art student, so I tried to use some of my skills in the planning. I ended up making everything, including my bouquet, the bridespeople's umbrellas and necklaces, the invitations, the feather hair clips, the centerpieces, various other decorations, and even our champagne glasses and the cake cutters. I also designed my dress and the cake.


IMG_0001I made the centerpieces by putting plaster guaze on a large balloon to make a ball, then I painted each ball with neon colors and filled them with white peacock feathers and sticks. The base is just posterboard that I cut.

I felted my bouquet and put battery powered lights in it, even though they aren't turned on in the pictures.

For the feathered hairpieces, I just got various feathers from the internet and designed each one to be unique for my bride's people, the groom's people, parents, and Kris.

I wanted a venue that was located downtown and was an old building, so I chose the historic Cain's Ballroom.


IMG_4909Before the ceremony, while everyone was coming in and being seated, I had the musical score from the movie Yellow Submarine playing. I made a video of childhood photos of Kris and I and also an art film short that we made. Both videos played on a large screen right before the ceremony.


IMG_0121The Bridespeople walked out with their pink spiraled UV umbrellas to Paul McCartney‘s “Junk.” I walked down the aisle with my dad and my illuminated bouquet to Paul's “Maybe I'm Amazed.” We walked out to the side room (everyone viewed the wedding from their tables that were set up for the reception) to The BeatlesAll You Need is Love.”

We entered the reception (which was back in Cain's) to Jimi Hendrix‘s “Star Bangled Banner.”


IMG_5259My sister and I did the dance from Beetlejuice to the “Day-O” song. Kris and I danced to The Beatles Real Love” and my dad and I danced to Billy Joel‘s “Lullaby.” We all danced to Thriller and Time Warp.


IMG_4901Tell us about the ceremony: Even though we flew in the pastor I had grown up with, we had a non-religious ceremony. The pastor is very open-minded and cool about things. We wrote our own vows, which were more about how we feel about each other than what we promise. I even included a line from Paul McCartney‘s song “She's My Baby:” “You're my baby, comin' out at night and takin' me by surprise.”


My advice for offbeat brides: Find your inner artist and be as creative as you want. Don't be afraid of color!


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  1. Oh my god, I am giddy with the glorious colour of this amazing wedding!!! Love the originality and personality evident in every part of your wedding.

  2. OK!!! Needless to say, it’s all AH-MAZING!!!! However…I am totally in love with the centerpieces!!! Gorgeous! I would have sat there all night loving them! SO freakin’ awesome!

  3. definitely a bunch of awesome! i’m a tulsa girl myself, and i’ve been daydreaming about a cain’s wedding. who did your photography?

  4. Loved the Zombie Crushers! Or stompers… or kickers… I can’t quite remember what they’re called, but they are very awesome nonetheless! Super creative and eye-gasmic wedding!

  5. What a gorgeous bride – and that hair!! It looks fun and creative.

  6. Being a HUGE Beatles fan myself, this is pretty much the perfect way to inject Beatle-y love into your big day! Everything looks amazing!!

  7. I love the Cain’s! It’s a great space. Me and my fiance have seen quite a few shows there and always wanted to use it as the venue for our wedding. Love the cake, too! A very fun wedding!

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