Offbeat Evening: Happy instagramming, happy 8th anniversary, and a call for poly weddings

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This is what I want my whole week to feel like. 📷: @betholson

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Oh hi there. It's me, Ariel! Your friendly publisher of Offbeat Bride. Good evening! I'm sure y'all are all snuggled onto your couches, tucked between Netflix and a loved one, second screening away… well, ME TOO! So, from my couch to yours, I wanted to share the things I saw online today that made me happy, like this guy dancing up there is clearly feeling. Why? Just because.

Can we talk about how Instagram is my happiest place?

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While the Offbeat Empire has a staff of four, Offbeat Bride's Instagram account is all me… have you noticed? Since I committed Facebook social suicide, and it seems like barely anyone is on Twitter any more (Hello? HELLO?), Offbeat Bride's Instagram account is my favorite social media outlet.

The account has evolved into a weird mix of my favorite pics from the blog (cake and balls, anyone?), regrams from shots you guys have tagged #offbeatbride, and then random personal photos. (I always feel like I'm trolling when I post selfies… like HA HA oh you wanted wedding pictures? Here's a picture of my sock monkey socks. Or galaxy swimsuit! How about some cats in a wheelbarrow?!)

Yes, cats in a wheelbarrow.

But I promise I always get back to wedding inspiration! For realsies! Stuff that doesn't always make it onto the blog, sometimes gets regrammed:

Seriously, Instagram is one of my favorite places online to gossip with readers and vendors and see what y'all are up to. This is all to say, you should come hang out with me over there. I'll be waiting.

Happy 8th Anniversary, Raina and Mike!

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Does anyone remember Raina & Mike's $500 library wedding? Of course you don't, because I featured it way back in 2007 which was like 15 internets ago. The wedding has always been one of my favorites, though… a lovely testament to the fact that even if you ain't got no money, you can have a truly lovely wedding. Sure, you'll sacrifice, but the day can still be gorgeous.

ANYWAY! Today is Raina and Mike's 8th anniversary. How do I know about this? Instagram, of course. I follow Raina over there. Let's all celebrate by revisiting their wedding…

A call for poly couples

While we rarely post things like this, you know we love our polyamorous couples and families! And we also love any chance to boost happy ‪#‎polyamory‬ stories in the media. So, here we go…

TL_CASTING_POLY_Married_Long Flyer
Are you having a Polyamorous Wedding?

Are you and your polyamorous partners organizing a commitment ceremony to commemorate your love?

Are you taking steps towards an official commitment, even if the government, your religion, or your community doesn't recognize your #‎polyamorous‬ union? If so, we would love for you to share your story on MTV True Life!

If you appear between the ages of 18 and 25, and are contemplating a proposal, planning a ceremony, or working on any other major step in your commitment to your triad, quad or other size group, MTV wants to speak with you!

Email your name, age, location, phone number, and a recent picture of you and your poly group, and a brief description about your relationship to [email protected].

Anyone else second screening this evening? What's the favorite stuff you clicked on today? Shoes? Sloth videos? Instagram photos I need to see? Leave a comment below or @reply me on Instagram and let's gossip.

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  1. I remember Raina & Mike’s wedding! But I also trudged through the entire OBB archive after I got engaged… It’s one of my favorites too. I love her vintage dress!!

    • RIGHT?! As much as I love that it was a $500 wedding, I do have to acknowledge that she lucked out with that vintage dress… so lovely!

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