Go on a photography adventure with New Jersey’s Lily Szabo

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When Lily Szabo planned her own wedding a few years ago, she was a devoted Offbeat Bride Tribe member. So when she decided to make the jump into wedding photography, she knew that her dream clients would be her fellow Offbeat Brides and those who weren't afraid to do things your own way. With Lily as your photographer, you always have a happy vendor who's willing to go along on that adventure with you.

Whether it's taking a canoe out to a floating platform so she can capture a plunge into a lake, or building a campsite in the middle of Brooklyn, if you're willing to do it, so is our sponsor Lily Szabo!


Lily is based in New Jersey but loves to travel (hey destination wedding folks, hit her up!). She loves dogs, punk rock, and getting to know you. As she says, “I love getting to know couples well enough so that, by the time their wedding rolls around, I'm more like a friend than hired help.” The “getting to know you” part is also why she loves shooting intimate weddings, like this one that consisted of 20 guests and a beautiful green wedding dress.


In order to get to know you better, Lily Szabo's wedding packages include two-hour engagement sessions. Think of all the fun adventures you can get up to, and get photographed doing, in two hours! You can go on awesome adventures with Lily, and you can also enjoy photos of said adventures ASAP. Every single couple who books Lily Szabo Photography receives a set of preview images within 48-hours. Which means you could be enjoying your incredible wedding photos before you even head off on your honeymoon!


What's better than getting a quick peek at your wedding photos? How about getting that quick peek at a discount…

Lily Szabo Photography is offering 10% off all packages for Offbeat Bride readers. Just make sure to mention you found her on Offbeat Bride when you contact her.


City camping, lake plunging, rainy day portraits, and weddings in the woods… what wedding adventures are you going to go on? Whatever you do, start your adventure by clicking here to book Lily Szabo.

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Comments on Go on a photography adventure with New Jersey’s Lily Szabo

  1. Lily was our photographer for our wedding in May, 2014. My wife (pictured with the umbrella above) and I had been in a long distance relationship from NJ to London for over two years. Lily understood our situation, and understood that because of the distance answers and decisions between my wife and I would not always come quickly. She was extremely patient, never once pressuring us into any commitment and was extremely accommodating to our schedule.

    When it came time to do the engagement shoot a week before the wedding, we could not have been happier with how professional, wonderful, and calming she was. My wife and I felt completely at ease during the shoot. It was all things intimate and romantic, but most importantly it was fun! She allowed us to be natural during the shoot, and never once made us feel uncomfortable or made us pose in an awkward way. A week later at the wedding, she was even more unbelievable and understanding dealing with our changing plans and rolling with what the weather. I have been to plenty of weddings where you are always aware the photographer is taking pictures of you and generally in your face the entire time. Lily was not like this. She took beautiful pictures of the ceremony, reception, friends, and family. The majority of the time you didn’t know she was photographing you, and it really shows in her wonderful, candid, and deeply personal pictures. My wife and I could not have been happier when we were able to get the preview shots and see how much time, patience, care, respect, and overall understanding she was in telling our story. And this is why Lily is so great to work with: she tells your story. She takes the time to understand you, and how your love came to be. She told our story perfectly, and it reflects in her shots.

    Even weeks after the wedding our family members remark on how incredible her eye for detail and framing were, and how beautifully the photos came out. We have recommended her to our friends and family, and could not be more ecstatic with how incredible working with her truly was.

    -Andrew and Kelly.

    • Andrew!! You and Kelly are amazing, thank you so much for the kind words and for being one of the reasons I absolutely love my job!

  2. Lily is a fantastic photographer – With weddings being so stressful it’s nice to be able to hire someone who is so accommodating and strives to give you the best service/experience possible. So many other photographers had given us cheesy suggestions for our photos, but Lily made sure that the pictures reflected our personality and complimented our special day.

    We really loved the end results!
    Amit + Grace

  3. Lily photographed our fabulous rooftop camping engagement shoot and our beautiful wedding in the woods. She was so amazing to work with! The engagement shoot idea was actually her idea, partially inspired by something she saw on my website. I just love that she was so dedicated to making the photo shoot memorable and different that she took the time to look at both our websites to get to know us and then thought up an awesome idea from that. Lily came to our wedding early and thoroughly toured the grounds. She was prepared, even through he chaos, and knew exactly what photos to get, in what order, and how to direct everyone. It made the process totally stress free. My husband and I put a lot of hand made elements into our wedding (I know everyone on this website does!) so it was just nice to know that Lily would capture the whole thing in all it’s glory, down to the details. My friends and family can’t stop raving about he photos! We really feel very fortunate to have found Lily!

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