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The New England wedding photographer for the awkward and shy
Ditch your fear of PDA and end up with magic like this!

Colleen MacRamos is a New England wedding photographer that calls herself “a weirdo loving weirdo.” So it's no wonder that her expertise is photographing couples who don't feel comfortable in front of the camera… or even expressing any sort of PDA! So if that sounds like the kind of couple you guys are, here's why you should go on a “first date” with MacRamos Photography…

The New England wedding photographer for the awkward and shy

She's been in your uncomfortable shoes

I hate being in pictures!!!!! There is a big reason why my “ideal client” is someone who feels uncomfortable in front of a camera. It's because I feel uncomfortable in front of a camera! Nevertheless, people who are awkward for pictures, still deserve to be in them; and they deserve someone who can help them feel as comfortable as possible. I pride myself on being that weirdo. We can be weird together and create a safe space for all of us to show our true personalities. People like us need to feel beautiful and righteously captured, too. That's why I'm here. Let's be awkward together.

Introverts and awkward folk, unite!

Deana Andrew0279 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

She was amazing. We are introverts who don't do well in front of cameras, but she worked with us, captured our day perfectly and really made sure that our photos reflected us. They weren't all just the typical posed photos. We loved her!
-Deanna and Andrew

The New England wedding photographer for the awkward and shy

Colleen and her “assisterant” Liz were awesome, showing up early and leaving late, catching every moment and keeping me laughing through the stress. We loved doing our engagement shoot with her, and she MORE than went out of her way to make sure we were comfortable, well-informed, and happy through every step. Thanks so much!
-Ming and Neil

Date time!

The New England wedding photographer for the awkward and shy

All of Colleen MacRamos wedding clients get mandatory engagement sessions. She calls them “first dates.” You know, to get the awkward out. It's pretty much Step One in for non-awkward wedding photography.

Actually, wait. Step One is get in contact with MacRamos Photography!

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