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The offbeat bride: Jessica

Her offbeat partner: Lorien, CEO of Pingg.com

Location & date of wedding: Wedding in Nevada desert, party in NYC loft — 10/3/09 wedding; 10/24/09 party

What made our wedding offbeat: Never a traditionalist. Always a rebel (unless it turns into a cliche). Terrified of weddings and every “walk down the aisle,” “cut the cake” part of it.

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We eloped to Vegas. Got married in the Nevada desert by a woman who looked like Blondie. Just my love, me, “Blondie” and a three-person film crew who helped us film an Oliver Stone (Natural Born Killers-esque) type film involving our alter egos.

Three weeks later we had a massive 300 person party under the guise of our thirtieth and fortieth birthdays. Family and friends flew from all over figuring our joint bdays (ushering a new decade) was a big event. At 9:00 we showed them a video. At first with pictures of us both growing up… la-di-da… until a record scratch — it breaks into the short mysterious movie that ends in the grand finale — footage of our wedding. EVERYONE FREAKED as people started guessing what was happening and realizing they were actually at our wedding. Ridiculousness ensued.

No wedding cake (but we did pass out gourmet popcorn during the event), lots of dancing (but no first dances) and a wedding video like no other!


Our biggest challenge: We eliminated all challenges and honestly had the wedding of our dreams. FIguring out what we didn't want, we started from scratch and invented the rest.

Hardest part… keeping the secret for three weeks! 🙂

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My favorite moment: The moment when everyone watching the video started screaming and asking “Is it real?” Also the moment in the desert, when we kissed.

My advice for other offbeat brides: Erase all that you know. Start from scratch and look f*cking HOT doing it.


Care to share a few vendor/shopping links?:

  • He bought all his clothes in the video at Lazarosoho.com
  • People who shot our video – Gpix

Meet our fave wedding vendors

Comments on Jessica & Lorien’s Oliver Stone meets David Lynch fantasy wedding

  1. That's AMAZING!! The film is really incredibly shot, and what a fun and awesome way to do it up. The waiting for the surprise must have been EXCRUCIATING! I bow to you, sex kitten, i bow!

  2. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it, love it, love it. It actually made me cry. The most romantic and sexy thing I have ever seen……. I just wish I could afford something like that….. Ah well….

  3. Holy crap! That's awesome! Now I'm jeaous. I always wanted to hire a film crew for a movie style wedding, but I could only afford a super awesome photographer OR videographer. I chose the pictures.

  4. this video is the greatest thing i have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3
    The production values are insanely good too!!
    wowww… just… amazing!

  5. STUNNING. I saw this on another wedding website and almost passed out. WOW!

  6. I'm speechless! That tops ANY wedding I have ever been to! So romantic and fresh! Kudos! Wishing you many more exciting years to come!

  7. hot. and heartfelt. i need kleenex and sex, sooner rather than later. tmi?

    congratulations and wishes for a lifetime of hot and heartfelt everything.

  8. Amazing. The coolest video ever. And ditto on the shoes… where are they from!?

  9. Oh my God, I have never felt the need to write a comment and I have read so many wedding stories here, but that was awesome. I actually cried at your video and your photos are stunning. Well done what a beautiful memory you both have, truly off beat.

    • Word!! I never comment either, but this is the hottest friggen extravaganza ever

  10. I'm at a loss for words……hot, romantic, sexy, loving, caring….So fabulous I have to go give my guy a great big hug and kiss….after I check the flights to Vegas! B) Vegas Baby!

  11. If the power were vested in me, I'd award you most off-beat wedding of 2009! That rocked! I am so inspired right now. It was sexy, creative, moving, and so clearly the two of you. Confreakingrats, yo!

  12. LOVE IT! What is the song that first song that plays? I've heard it everywhere, but dont know who does it. I love the song, and want to know who it is!!! can anyone help?

  13. Ok – that was SO BAD ASS!!!! Other than my wedding, this whole thing was the BEST wedding idea I've ever seen, front to back! Amazing!

  14. Alright…i'm showing this to the fiance. We have to do this.

    There are no words to describe the awesomeness of this idea!

  15. By far one of the most amazing and totaly unique weddings ever! Congratulations! You are truely a beautiful couple!

  16. I thinkthe shoes are Louboutin…and I love them
    I love this entire video and the whole idea behind it…now if I can convince my SO to do something similar.

  17. so blown away!! I really really love this. I just hope you got great pictures at the party too!

  18. So, the surprise was so awesome I got over the fact that I couldn't be the best man, instantly. So cool. So original. I love you guys. Fire up the honeymoon video!

  19. So, the surprise was so awesome I got over the fact that I couldn't be the best man, instantly. So cool. So original. I love you guys. Fire up the honeymoon video!

  20. This is the only wedding I’ve ever seen were I cried!! I love it love it!!!

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