Jennifer & Steve’s muddy race to matrimony

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The Offbeat Bride: Jennifer, Technical Trainer

Her offbeat partner: Steve, Software Engineer

Date and location of wedding: Super Spartan Race, Wintergreen, VA — August 23, 2014

Our offbeat wedding at a glance: We are both athletic and high energy, and wanted to get married in the fall without the huge expense of a large wedding venue. We decided to elope to Wintergreen Mountain which is where we had our first race together a month after we met three years ago.




On that same mountain at the Super Spartan Race, we ran the 7.2 mile course up and down black diamond ski slopes. I dragged my very heavy dress behind, and Steve wore his full tux with vest and tie. It was the most challenging race we have ever done because of the heavy, hot clothing. We jumped fire pits, carried logs up a mountain, and climbed over walls, as well as dunking in various mud pits along the way. At the end, we crossed the finish line and were married by one of my best girlfriends. We were cheered on the entire race by our fellow racers and it was so memorable.







Our biggest challenge:
The dress was incredibly heavy. Probably an extra 35 pounds once it was wet and muddy. It had a six-foot train as well, so getting over obstacles became difficult. Steve's tux posed problems for him, too. It was so hot that he became dehydrated and was cramping very badly for the last mile of the race.

I am also challenged by having Asperger syndrome.


My favorite moment:
We both felt so moved the moment we were saying our vows. Seeing us both cry and knowing this was going to change our lives forever was such an amazing moment. It was a dream come true.

My funniest moment:
The moment we crossed the finish line, we thought we were going to go off to the side and quietly marry with our group of friends and family. Instead, they dragged us on stage in front of hundreds of people on microphones to perform our ceremony. We were shocked and quite nervous!


What was the most important lesson you learned from your wedding?
That race was so incredibly challenging for both of us, and at various points we didn't know individually if we could go on. But we found strength in each other. The lesson is that we are stronger together than we are as parts, and must always remember that in our marriage.


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  • Dress: JenJen House
  • Photography: maid of honor, Brigitte Bond

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  1. In high school, my nickname was Mud (I was always the first to head for the mud puddles during a run), but I don’t think I could drag a heavy wet dress with me for 7+ miles! You are 100% BAD ASS!! Congrats on such an awesome memorable wedding!!

    (Too bad, I can’t get my boyfriend into races like this…!)

  2. Congrats to you both and thank you for sharing your awesome wedding with us. 🙂 now I want to see a zombie run wedding!

  3. Oh. My. God.

    I think we can all stop now. There’s no way to top the awesomeness of this bride and groom.

  4. Of all the weddings I’ve seen on this site, I think this one is my favorite. That includes the one a couple of years ago that was exactly what I would want my wedding to be like. You guys are awesome!

  5. Your dress all muddied up, but as you said that is how you met…at one of the races and what good is wedding dress to wear once and put in shrink wrap never wear again?!!
    Love and Best Wishes to you both.

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