The Offbeat Flickr Pool had some serious flora, fauna, baubles, and yummies. This week's Montage is all about the nitty-gritty details.

Kimberly made these DIY bouquets from maps, which makes them pop with color. Ya'll know we love our paper flowers!

Kimberly also made these amazing colored coffee filter centerpieces! She said, “Afterwards we gave most of them to the nurses in the oncology unit — fresh flowers aren't allowed!” Crafty and philanthropic. She's a keeper.

polaroid station-043.jpg
This cake at Nicole and PJ's wedding is so famous, it has to go incognito.

this is where we put our booze
Tribe member LindyShoes' friend V models her DIY garter flask holder. Sometimes a lady just likes a nip or two before the bouquet toss.

LindyShoes' also lives up to her namesake by sporting these amazing retro heels. And as she says, “blisters were totally worth it.” Oh girl, for shoes like that, you know it.

Cynamin's groom, Mark, had a surprise green cake from his mother. He baked her a green cake back when he was fifteen and it was payback time!

Nikki and Randee had a most fabulous pink donut cake. Being a pie > cake person myself, I totally approve of this cake alternative.

Cake topper
In case you missed what was happening on top of that donut cake because you were looking at the donuts (and then craving a donut), here is the detail shot. I'm pretty sure we can safely call this “the glitterati.”

One more picture?!  OK, if you must!  :)
Stephanie probably posed for a million photos due to the hawtness of this rainbow-tulled gown-of-awesome. Her rainbow ribbon veil is icing on the cake. And bonus: check out their hilarious save-the-date vid featuring one harsh critic!

you know it
I love the expressions in this shot after Fae's ceremony. It's an awesome combination of love and “aww yeah!” And they got hitched in Chicago thanks to the new civil union law in Illinois.

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Comments on Flora, fauna, baubles, and yummies — you’ll love these details

  1. My jaw literally *dropped* at the rainbow wedding gown. SO. FREAKING. AWESOME. !!!! 😀

  2. The mason jar pin in the links- if anyone finds a way to actually make it look like that, or finds the original post with instructions, will you post so we know? That post has been driving me nuts and I can’t make it look right!

    • It looks to me like there is a light of some sort at the bottom of the jars, concealed by the blanket. Probably to light the paint and the scene enough for the photo.

    • I am not 100% sure in this case, but in the past I have used a toothbrush to make the fine spots of splatter (sounds strange, oh well). Just lightly dip the toothbrush into the paint and then use your thumb to flick the bristles and you should get a fine mist. If it is to heavy try using less paint. You can practice on a piece of paper first to figure out how much paint you need.

      Hope that helps!

  3. Not only did I drool at every photo, I “pinned” most of them as well! What would I do without you, OBB?!

  4. I know awesome is overused, so let’s go with AWE INSPIRING! I love “the glitterati” – and pink donut cake especially.
    and that save-the-date wedding video makes me wish I could time-travel to crash the 4-30-11 wedding! – now to make a flask garter or two….

  5. Totally random, but does anybody out there know of a good tutorial for paper flowers like the ones posted up there? Inquiring minds want to know. ^.^

  6. I LOVE the idea of donating paper flowers to the oncology unit. What a lovely idea and so much better than tossing them or letting them collect dust in an attic.

  7. Dammit every single picture here is just amazing! I can’t even remember anything specific my mind is all ‘asdfamazingawesomebeautifulgorgeouswhoa!’

  8. Hah! I just learned how to make the origami flowers in the top picture last night, and I’ve been thinking that I’ll do either those OR the coffee filter ones. I guess I can do both! (And since my boyfriend’s a doctor, I bet they’ll end up finding homes at the hospital, too!)

  9. I’ve been going ON AND ON about having a donut-tower instead of a cake for YEARS, and no one has listened to me. Now I feel so darn vindicated in my crazy. And I am even moar dedicated to making my donut tower a reality!

  10. XD omg, guys, do you know how to diy the garter flask holder? My bridemaids would LOVE that!

    • OOH, you’re in luck — we’re going to run a DIY tutorial on this exact thing very soon. 🙂

    • Hey, Kelsey! Here are the instructions I used for the one above, except I used metal snaps instead of Velcro and skipped the extra elastic insert they suggest (but maybe I’m just lazy). However, these are just eHow instructions and I can’t help but imagine the OBB DIY is going to be much more epic… so it’s probably worth it to hold out for the ones Megan hinted at. 🙂 Happy crafting!

  11. Love it. All of it. Their all so awesome and creative! Love the garter! Sounds like a fantastic idea 🙂

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