Why Mixbook wedding albums are the bomb-diggity

Guest post by Babeowulf
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why photo books are the bomb diggity

I know that Mixbooks were featured on Offbeat Bride some time ago. But honestly, when bogged down in the trenches of wedding planning, thinking about what to do with photos after you get them is light years away from the thought process. It was for me anyway. So I thought I'd share with you how very worth it is to think about putting together a wedding album.

The quality is lovely

I took just two days to create mine (Mixbook was having a special sale). But I do have to say that even after speed editing this thing, I LOVE how it turned out! The cover and page quality are lovely, and the photos all came out lovely.

Easy scrap booking

I really liked how much I could treat it like a real scrapbook without having to deal with all the work of making one. I had even included a page with all of the handwritten notes from our cards so we wouldn’t be stuck with a pile of them forever! (Win!)

handwritten cards in your photo album

They make awesome gifts

The awesome part for me was more in giving them to people. We had copies of the book made for my parents, his dad, and each of our grandparents.

It was hell coming up with four months of excuses as to why they couldn’t get photos. I think his grandma asked us each week. His dad even asked a few times for the photographer’s email address. My grandma was convinced that I screwed up giving the photographer our email address since “this is the issue with your generation only using the internet.”

We had this little stash of them wrapped in the closet, and our copy was hidden just in case we had wandering guests. As much of a bummer as it was to keep secret, it was actually a good way for me and him to sit down and remember the details of the day.

wedding mixbook

Re-live your wedding feels

Fast forward to Christmas, when we gave out all our books. The reactions were great. Lots of tears. Lots of “oohs” and “aahs.” And just like we had experienced ourselves, lots of, “Hey, I don’t remember that decoration/moment/etc.” Basically, lots of love.

My husband and I got to re-live our wedding with a different perspective each time a new person opened the book. You know the feeling when you sit down with an old yearbook, and all the thoughts, feelings, and nostalgia come back to you? It’s kind of like that. Which then made us wonder how much else in our lives is getting caught up in the rush of everything. I plan to attempt a “family yearbook” of sorts from now on. Hopefully they turn out as good as this first one.

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  1. I’m also super into Mixbook’s sister product, Montage Books: http://montagebook.com

    The quality is awesome (the pages are super thick cardstock!), and the process of making the book is literally one-click easy.

  2. +1 for Mixbook! We used it for our adoption profile album, and it turned out beautifully. Word of advice for browser nerds, though: It hated Chrome and really only seemed to work well in IE.

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