Miss L Fire wedding shoes (or just, like, next week shoes)

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Red miss l fire shoes on offbeat bride

This week I'm going to take a peek at Miss L Fire shoes, but with this warning: These suckers are pretty limited edition in only limited sizes, so if you like something, you gotta grab them before they go out of stock. Strike quickly, like a cobra that only eats shoes. (And don't blame me if stuff is already sold out… I tried, guys! I really tried!)

So many of these styles would be so insanely cute peeking out from under the hem of a wedding dress … but let's be honest here: most of these are perfect to wear, you know, next week.

As always, click the pictures to learn more about the shoes.




heart cut out miss l fire shoes



miss l fire scarlet offbeat bride

pompei miss l fire

luella miss l fire on offbeat bride

yellow bette miss l fire on offbeat bride

epoch boot

Keep Being Blossom Sandal


Random bonus weird thing you can register for:

Why yes, those are anatomically correct heart and brain cookie cutters.

Heart and Brain Cookie Cutters
(Pro tip: set up a universal registry on Amazon to immediately add weird shit like this to YOUR registry.)

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