Mismatched bridesmaids all in shades of yellow and gold and awesome

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 | Photography by Rachel Joy Photos
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We've been fans of non-matching bridesmaids since 2008, but we're making love extra hard with the way that Liz here not only let her bridesmaids pick their own dresses, but celebrated their choices via these super-luxe photos from Rachel Joy Photos. Especially this one shot you have GOT to see, where the bridesmaids share how they met the bride…

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Liz explains, “My gift to the bridesbabes was a mug customized by Kismet Pottery and a bar of soap by Clean Getaway Soaps.”

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And here's my favorite shot: each of the “bridesbabes” are holding a sign that explains she met the bride…

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Hopefully we'll have the full scoop from Adam & Liz's wedding soon, but in the meantime let's all scheme ways to make our bridesmaids feel celebrated. I'll go first with a few ideas I stole from Liz.
Give your bridesmaids:

  • freedom (to pick their own dresses)
  • appreciation (in the form of thoughtful gifts)
  • and acknowledgement (in the form of gorgeous photos that celebrate their special place in your life).

Now it's your turn!

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Comments on Mismatched bridesmaids all in shades of yellow and gold and awesome

  1. I love this! I’m having my girl’s pick out their own dresses – knee length and black. My only other request is that they wear non-neutral shoes. Everything else – jewelry, make up, hair – is at their discretion.

    I also know that I want to make sure that my photographer gets pictures of each of them on their own. That way I can print/frame them for them after the wedding.

  2. These pictures are super awesome! I’m having my ladies all pick their own dresses as well. To make it a little bit of OffBeatBride (REAL) Lyte: I selected about 30 dresses for the ladies that fit our ‘look’ of long/turquoise/chiffon/etc (I guess that’s what you’d call it). The funny thing is that 5 out of 7 bridesmaids have made the pruchase and each dress is a sweetheart neckline so far… the awesome part will be how different the colors and variations of chiffon fabric will look together!

    I am loving the yellow and the personalitites of each lady shinning through in this wedding… the bride’s dress is rockin’ too!

    Update: just noticed all the red shoes… loving them!

  3. I also let my bridesmaids choose their dresses; as long as they were light-green and cocktail-length, I was happy. For their gifts, I gave them each pairs of earrings (which I asked them to wear for the wedding), and totebags quilted by my grandmother, who is – no lie – the best quilter on the planet.

  4. I love this! It’s so gorgeous and everyone look so happy. I tried to let my two girls pick their own dresses, but they were both sure I was only trying to be nice and would want everything to match. Really, any fifties style black cocktail dress would have been stellar, but they seemed to like what they picked, so it all worked out!

  5. I love that first shot! Definitely saving as inspiration when I start looking for photographers.

    Leaning towards having my bridal party go to Davids Bridal with me and picking out whatever dress they like in a particular color, but I really like the completely mismatched look too!

  6. I saw the pic of how the “bridesbabes” know the bride on pinterest and LOVED it. Reading the whole post makes me love it even more. Handmade mugs as gifts? So thoughtful and lovely.

  7. Holy ‘balls these photos are gorgeous. & those dresses are gorgeous. & the shoes are gorgeous. & most of all, the ladies are gorgeous! It’s so wonderful seeing how happy they are all together!

    I’m definitely going the mismatched route for my bridesmaids. I want them to buy a dress they can wear again & not feel silly because it’s a typical bridesmaid dress – & even if they don’t feel silly because of that, I don’t want them to spend money on something that’s not necessarily flattering. & with my bridesmaids on different continents, getting them in one place to get fittings & all that just isn’t possible — & not something I’m interested in doing anyway! To each, her own!

  8. I love this! But I’m having such a hard time finding pretty short dresses that are nice enough for a special occasion, look nice together, but aren’t actual bridesmaid dresses from a traditional bridal store. I want my girls to be able to wear these again – and spend under $100 if I can figure it out! Any tips or ideas? Thank you! Such a cute post!

    • Have you tried Modcloth? I was in my friend’s wedding, and we all got our dresses from there, they were pretty and inexpensive.

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