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Maypole dances are popular in Europe to celebrate the first day of May, but Renaissance Faire attendees have probably had their Maypole dances, too. If you're looking for an activity to get everyone involved at your own fantasy/Renaissance wedding (or any kind of wedding, really), a maypole can be really good time. If you're having the wedding at the faire itself, there's often a pole available if you ask, otherwise you'll have to make your own. And of course: learn the dance itself!

Here are Sheila and Jason doing the dance at their Medieval handfasting.

J&S Wedding

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  1. Maypole dancing is so much fun…
    Just divided the dancers into two equal groups, counting off every other person.. then remember the pattern” over, under, over” as you should constantly be alternating.

    Traditional ending?

    As dancers drop out and the ribbon wrapping nears just above head height, tie the bride to the pole and let the groom rescue her with a kiss – and helping her free.

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