The perfect Mason jar gift bags for your wedding

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Reusable Hinged Jar Zipper Bags
Reusable Hinged Jar Zipper Bags

What's better than a Mason jar at a wedding? A Mason jar that doesn't take up any more space than a ziplock bag… because they ARE ziplock bags! Not only are these Mason Jar gift bags adorable, they're handy, and re-usable. Plus, as one reviewer put it, “These were the perfect gift bags for rustic barn wedding.”

Fill 'em with your wedding favors. Fill 'em with left-over wedding dessert for the road. Fill 'em with goodies for your welcome bags. Use 'em for your geeky candy buffet. Whatever you fill them with, they'll fill your guests with awe, and a super-convenient bring-me-back.

mason jar gift bags

The best part: You can get nine of them for just $12!

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