Evangeline Lane will capture your best wedding moments and steal your heart (plus a HUGE discount!)

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We met LA-based Evangeline Lane at the San Francisco Lovesick Expo and she blew us away with her awesome and friendly nature. Now we're going to blow you away with her talent in capturing intimate, explosive, and transcendent moments at weddings.

Evangeline comes from a family of rockers and artists, and travels the world extensively for weddings and to expand her own experiences. This diverse background informs her work and makes her a rock star with offbeat couples. Let's take a peek at what makes her tick AND see about this HUGE discount just for Offbeat Bride readers!


Evangeline's take on wedding photography pretty much makes her your best friend with pro photography skills:

My goal is for you to think of me as your good friend, someone who's in your corner and has your back — who helps you laugh and relax and look your best. After the day has passed, I want you to swoon over your images and walk away as happy and jubilant as you were on your wedding day.


Evangeline's cred comes from all kinds of sources and is sort of serendipitous, too…

In my early 20s I took off traveling across the country and have lived in New York City, San Francisco, Boston, a small town in Western Massachusetts, and Chicago. During my travels I studied sculpture and interior design at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, but settled into photography, where my true artistic passion developed. I got into wedding photography randomly five years ago, when a friend of a friend asked me to document their day and, just like that, I was hooked. Now I wonder, was it random at all?


Evangeline is based on LA, but she's available to travel WORLDWIDE… we already know she's got the passport and the traveling pants. Plus, she's got a secret deal for destination weddings and of course, a discount for Offbeat Bride readers:

Offbeat Bride readers get a SUPER HUGE discount package from Evangeline Lane! Check out the details here.

Also follow Evangeline on Facebook — she's been known to throw out some amazing deals that are not-to-be-missed.


From the West Coast and beyond, if you want a photographer who will put you at ease, find beauty in all the smallest wedding details, and give you a sweet deal, Evangeline Lane is your girl. Go forth and get “find my ideal photographer” checked off of your to-do list for good!

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  1. I love the subtly NSFW fourth photo. That’s the kind of “I don’t give a fuck, I’m going to walk around topless in my undies” prep I want before a wedding. That’s girl friendship personified right there.

    • That’s one of my favorite shots too, Ashley! There was all kinds of nakedness going on down there in Mexico. Something about that warm climate and tequila that makes everyone feel more comfortable 🙂 I can’t wait for the next Mexico wedding that I’m shooting in June!

    • Looking at it I was going “man, the framing and focus is perfect, and it’s so intimate… Wait, is that a butt?! I LOVE THIS PICTURE.” True perfection.

  2. Evangeline is amazing. She really captures the pure moments and the memories you want to remember forever. And perfectly captures the nature of who the people are. Definitely booking her for my wedding!

  3. I love the last shot! They look so happy and beautiful in an authentic way. I’ve seen so many stiff and formal wedding photos; these are AMAZING!

  4. I have known Evangeline for many years and have watched her grow as an artist and as a photographer. Stunning photography. Anyone would be lucky to have her do their wedding pictures. She is so fun and really does make it easy for everyone in the wedding party to feel relaxed and confident about their special day; leaving what will be forever cherished moments of the wedding up to her.

  5. Congratulations, Evangeline, on your new move to California! I’m from So. Cal. myself, so I KNOW you’ll have a wonderful experience. And you’re living right near great jazz, as well. Blessings, prayers, very, very best wishes to you in this new chapter in your life.

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