Jane Austen-themed wedding invitations with personalized library catalog RSVP cards

Guest post by rae1184

Jane Austen wedding invitations

When it came to invitations, ordering them never crossed my mind. I knew that what I wanted was unique, and making them myself was my best option.

I found these Wilton Wedding Toile Invitations that I fell in love with. I loved all the details, and knew they were perfect for what I wanted to do. I also found the perfect font that I have used for almost everything — escort cards, table names, etc. — Becarria.

When it came time to design the invitations, I wanted to keep my literary/Jane Austen/vintage theme going (future librarian here). I found several awesome ideas for literary invitations and RSVP cards and combined them all together…

Jane Austen wedding invitations 1

I added the silhouettes to the top, and the rest of the invitation is laid out like a book page. I created a chapter number (three has a special significance for me: past, present future, and my triquetra tattoo), chapter name, chapter quote (Jane Austen of course), and a page number (31 for the 31st of October).

Jane Austen RSVP Card

Designing the RSVP card took much longer than the invitation. I wanted it to look like a library catalog card. I created a “call number” that consists of our initials and our wedding date. Since we have been having issues with verbal inviting and we can only have 50 guests, I decided to go a step further with personalizing. It took quite a bit of time to type different people on each RSVP card. I do like the end result though. I think it adds more of a personal touch as well.

Jane Austen themed wedding invitations

Overall, I am very happy with how they turned out. Actually… they are even better than I envisioned.

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Comments on Jane Austen-themed wedding invitations with personalized library catalog RSVP cards

  1. My little Austen-loving library-raised heart just squeed and collapsed in glee. These are awesome. Love the font too – it looks exactly like an old-school typewriter.

    I sincerely wish you every happiness.

  2. This is my daughter, Rachel’s, invitations and I’m so proud of her!

  3. Original hand cut Silhouette of the male figure, designed and copyright owned by Silhouette Artist Kathryn Flocken. Not for sale or reproduction without written permission.

    • Kathryn – Do you make and sell these silhouettes? I can’t seem to find them anywhere!!

    • Kathryn,

      Sorry for any confusion. I spent about 6 hours researching the origins of this image. This image is in so many places it is almost impossible. However, I have found it in several reputable places as well. The Jane Austen Gift Shop sells cookie cutters in this shape. A cookie cutter place in the Netherlands that has a shop on etsy also sells them a set in this shape at as well.

      I wish I would have came across your shop while I was still planning my wedding. Trying to find out more about the image was the first time I had ever visited or seen your work.

      Thanks and sorry for any confusion,
      Rachel Walters

  4. These invitations are EXACTLY what I have been looking for! I, too, am having a library/Jane Austen theme at my wedding, and these are PERFECT! Can you please share how you go the decorative letter that you begin the text with, and also the male and female silhouettes that you added?

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