Honor your pet by wearing their name tag to your wedding

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For a lot of people pets are family… so it makes sense that many couples want to include their fave furry sidekick on their wedding day. At their courthouse elopement, Cullie and Chris came up with a subtle way to honor their recently deceased cat: Cullie wore the cat's collar and name tag on her wrist.

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  1. I love this. We lost my kitty months before the wedding. It really hurt that she had been there to meet my husband and see us fall in love, but she wouldn’t be there for our wedding.

  2. Gah!!! Making me cry at work!

    I might actually steal this because chihuahua neck size vs my wrist size seems to work out….

  3. I grew up with a Siamese named Grendel who had been in my dad’s life long before my mom or I. Seeing the name on a tag made me cry. My mom has been pointing out photos of brides who honored family members on their bouquet — wonder if I can honor the furry family members I miss so much instead.

  4. One of our kitties passed away the week before our wedding, so we used his carrier as our card box. It was bittersweet to look over during the reception and see his carrier filled with all these wishes of love and happiness from our guests.

    • GAH. That would CRUSH me. My beautiful girl died 10 days before we went on a 3 week trip to Europe, which included our engagement. I was heartbroken that she was gone. I still miss her so very much.

  5. I had a chihuahua named Blue from when I was 5/6 to when I was 18. She was my best friend, partner in crime, and my everything. She passed from cancer 3 years ago, and it was so hard. I have her tags and first collar (which is blue) that I’ll be wearing on my ankle for my “something blue.”

  6. OMG! My dog is still with me after 6 crazy years (thank goodness) but she isn’t a “ceremony” dog so we had my husband wear a small black dog tie pin in her honor at our tiny family-only wedding. This is a great idea- I will TOTALLY find a way to rock her “Sweet Baby Girl” Fetching Tag at the party in April.

  7. Oh yeah! I actually wound up doing this with something from our dog (who is still with us). Since there wasn’t a way I could incorporate her into the wedding, I used one of her dog tags as my something borrowed, and kept it tucked in my bra.

  8. Strongly considering stealing the tags from our two (living) cats and wearing them on a charm bracelet now. They are very important to us and it would be great to include them.

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