Itty bitty heart wedding decor gives up your secrets

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 | Photography by Alison George
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Michelle wrote down hundreds (thousands? Girl, I don't even know) of little-known facts about herself and Chris on the cutest little 3D paper hearts. As you can see in the photo, these are gorgeous, tiny ickle decorative bits to strew around your reception tables. But, in addition to looking rad, they can keep guests young and old occupied with all the little facts they never knew about you both.

I undertook a rather massive decoration project involving 3D hearts in three colours which had a variety of little facts about Chris and I hand-written on them. My favourite two are: “Chris and Michelle should NOT play Pictionary together” and “Chris drove Michelle to work every day for a year, even when his shift finished at midnight.”

Don't know how to make tiny 3D paper hearts? Neither did I, so I looked it up for you. Ta da!

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  1. Oh! That’s super cute and clever! I might have to do that on the various origami birds I’m making…

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