Namedropping, alone time, and buddies: 8 hacks to have fun on your honeymoon

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8 hacks to have fun on your honeymoon on @offbeatbride

We know some of you out there are worried about not having enough fun at your wedding, and that kind of anxiety can totally extend into honeymoons, too. We get it: nobody wants to have a bummer vacation. Focus on not stressing about it and going in with an open mind, and fun will be had. But just in case you want to squeeze a little extra enjoyment out of it, here are a few hacks we recommend to have fun on your honeymoon.

Namedrop “honeymoon” often

Be sure to let the hotel know at the time of reservation that you are celebrating your honeymoon. There are lots of perks to be had. You could even score a honeymoon-specific package at the time of booking. Think massages, free upgrades, and free champagne. Because hey, “we need the stuff!”

Ask a local or concierge for recommendations

Who knows better where the good food, awesome tours, and local hangouts are than someone who lives it every day? Do a little research beforehand, but don't be afraid to just ask where to find the fun. Don't overlook tourist traps (they're tourist-y for a reason), and try to find what's awesome to that specific city.

Plan something secret for your partner

Planning a surprise in the middle of your trip shows some serious forethought and may get you some extra booty. Is your partner a culture fiend? Can you get them some time with the curator at a local museum? Would they love a special cooking class at your resort? Plan a hike, some late-night skinny dipping, a surprise convention trip, a trip to an awesomely weird tourist spot, a plate of delicacies to your table… anything they'd love and won't have to plan themselves.

“Buddymoons” are a thing

There's a trend in the honeymoon world called “buddymoons” where you plan a vacation with friends or another couple, whether for the whole time or at the end of the honeymoon. Silly name aside, I'm kind of digging this idea where you spend a week or two alone, then meet up with friends for a tail-end bash.

8 hacks to have fun on your honeymoon on @offbeatbride

Catch a sunrise or two

Sleep in as much as you like (hell, it's a vacation!), but try to sneak in a sunrise if you can. In fact, maybe you'll catch one after staying up all night! Either way, try to experience all that your locale has to offer.

Journal some details

Like trying to remember the details of your wedding, you'll want to remember the details of your honeymoon, too. Bring along a little travel journal to remember the highlights.

Us in Cappadocia

Ask someone to take your photo

Ask someone to take a couple of photos of you so it's not all selfies. There's something almost retro now when you see a full-length shot of a couple instead of a selfie. So worth it.

Take some alone time

You don't need to spend every waking hour with your partner. Some alone time to explore might be just what you need to keep the spark going later and prevent a little too much exposure to one person for too long.

8 hacks to have fun on your honeymoon on @offbeatbride


Now's the time to unplug, focus on each other, and leave your cares and work behind you for a bit. Get the most out of your trip by being as present as you can be.

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8 hacks to have fun on your honeymoon on @offbeatbride

8 hacks to have fun on your honeymoon on @offbeatbride

What hacks for having fun did we miss? Chime in with your ideas in the comments!

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