Half wedding dress, and half wedding pants

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In response to my post last week about what to wear if you don't want to wear a wedding dress or a suit, a commenter named Amanda sent me photos of her wedding outfit — half wedding dress, half pants. The outfit was designed and sewn by a local seamstress, and if you're a bride who can't decide, there's a LOT of inspiration here…

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Amanda said:

I ended up with a 3 piece outfit. One was a strapless top, one a pair of pants, and one a skirt that could be attached and detached. The skirt opened in the front allowing for ease of walking and – when my husband started stepping on it while dancing – allowed for easy removal so that I could dance wearing just the pants. So few people realized there were pants underneath that they thought I had changed!

For lots more photos and details about the half dress/half pants solution, keep reading!

In her comment, Amanda explained:

I rarely wear dresses in my day to day life and honestly, regardless of what other people think of what I look in them, hate them for myself.

I drew some inspiration from Ao Dai‘s (an Vietnamese style that looks like pants with a two panels of fabric over them) and some of the pants outfits that are online. I brought everything I found that I liked (and things I didn't like) to a local seamstress and we picked apart the designs. I basically said “I don't want to wear a dress, but I want to feel like Cinderella.”

…Mission accomplished!

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  1. Reminds me of something that Lucille Ball used to wear on I Love Lucy, except in black with cap sleeves. Always thought it would make a neat wedding ensemble in white & it does ;o)

      • when i was much younger than now, I worked as a seamstress assistant. I recall a young bride wearing a pair of beautifl Pallaxxo pants and jacket which was fitted and had pearl buttons (60 or so) up the front. The pants and jacket were fashioned out of white taffetta with a lace overlay. She had an incredible veil. When the suit was finished, I was utterly astonished at how beautiful it was. That has been 18 yrs ago and I have never been able to forget it.

  2. Oh Man, thats looks sooooo comfy, while also looking so elegant.

    congratulations, you win.

  3. To give credit where credit is due, the dress/pants were designed and made by Holly of Oh Sew Perfect (http://ohsewperfect.com/index.html).

    It was very comfortable and I loved the flexibility of the outfit. One of the best parts was not needing help to go to the bathroom 🙂

  4. ok that is sooooo awesome! what a great way to personalize it & you really did still look soo bridal and BEAUTIFUL!

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