We all know I'm a sucker for ribbon veils, but I'm LURVING Teresa's curls wrapped around rainbow ribbons:

And, holy shit, could this Australia wedding BE any more gorgeous? Seriously, wait until you see the bouquet and the waterfall…


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Comments on Rainbow ribbons & curls

  1. Oh my gosh, absolutely amazing. I know what I want to do with my hair, now if only it would grow and curl like that…hmm….

    • I totally agree! My hair is currently shoulder-length (about a year to go before the wedding) and really freaking thin. Love this look though!!

  2. love love love all of it. The flowers, the ribbons, the dress, the OMG *Waterfall!!!*. Just gorgeous.


    Always reminds me of the song

    If I where a minstrel
    I’d sing you six love songs to tell the whole world of the love that we share

    If I where a merchant
    I’d bring you six diamonds with six blood red roses for my love to wear

    But I am a simple man a poor common farmer
    So take my six ribbons to tie back your hair
    Yellow and brown, blue as the sky, red as my blood, green as your eye.

    • i love this!!! i think if i had seen this before planning my own wedding i would have used it as my inspiration lol!
      those flowers are freakin amazing btw

    • That reminds me of a Johnny Cash-June Carter-Cash song- If I Were A Carpenter:

      If I were a carpenter
      and you were a lady
      would you marry me anyway?
      Would you have my babies?

      If you were a carpenter
      and I was a lady
      I would marry you anyway,
      I’d have your babies.

  4. I have really really curly hair and don’t know what to do with it. Every day it’s either down, in barettes like a 5 year old, or in a pony tail. It’s nice to see a curly hair post–I’d love to see other ideas for different ‘dos for girls with curls!

    • Me too!! I have very curly, fluffy, dark brown hair – not sure what to do with it yet?? Girls with curls – please reply…A nice smooth do is pretty much outta the question for me – what are the options – pics would be great!

      • I’m another with curly hair. I love my red curls but I don’t know exactly what to do with them.

      • Off the top of my head, consider actually using a curling iron. My hair is curly, and it frizzes like crazy in the summer. But I can actually use a curling iron to make big, soft, loopy curls that don’t friz. And since my hair is already curly, I don’t even need hairspray to make my hair hold a curl. Soooo much easier then trying to straighten it. (Especially since the humidity undoes it in five minutes anyway.)

        My hair isn’t super super curly, but it might help some of you guys out. Experiment!

  5. Love the ribbons! I so wanted ribbons in my hair at my wedding but I just couldn’t seem to get it to work!

    • The flowers are heliconias, a tropical flower that grows heaps around the tropics. They were from a florist (included with our package) but from what I can tell, they were just cut at different lengths (they have long stems) and stuck together, with greenery, to a little plastic handle and wrapped with florist tape.

  6. How do you get the ribbons to stay in? I want to do something like this for my wedding. I’m going to get ribbons to match my color scheme. Do you do the little pony tail thing and then let them fall under the hair and curl the hair over it? Are they on a clip and clipped in? I’ve seen how to make the hair falls but I want to make sure that I have something my stylist can put in for me when I get there. Unfortunately I can’t do it with her ahead of time because I’m getting married at Disney and won’t see her until then.

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