Make the first dance less nerve-wracking: GROUP DANCE!

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our first dance
Photos by Eugene Spiegel

Feeling first dance shy? If you want to dance, but are feeling the pressure, nothing says you have to dance alone. Grab your wedding party, family, or in Juno and Noah's case… a whole bunch of sisters doing an awesome choreographed group dance.

Juno said of their surprise dance:

Noah does not like dancing in public because he is shy about people watching him. So after we danced, we apprehended him so that he would dance with me while my sisters danced around us.

They still got to dance, but the crowd was totally warmed up and cheering, and they didn't have to be all alone and in the spotlight. WIN.

our first dance

Here is the full video. And definitely check out the rest of Juno & Noah's queer feminist interfaith wedding, because this was only the start of the awesomeness happening there.

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Comments on Make the first dance less nerve-wracking: GROUP DANCE!

  1. This is a great idea. My fiancee and I are unsure how we want to do our first dance. I think we are both a little uncomfortable with all eyes on us like that, so this is a good alternative.

    Super cute dance, btw 🙂 Congrats!

  2. This is adorable!! We had the same problem–intense fear of dance scrutiny. Since I don’t have sisters (sadly) we simply told the MC to suggest that anyone that would like to should join us on the dance floor. So we had our little romantic moment together with lots of other happily dancing couples. Both sets of parents danced, and lots of others. It was a really nice feeling, and we didn’t feel self-conscious at all.

  3. We’re doing something vaguely similar for our wedding which is now – let me check – almost 38 hours away (eeeek!!), and that’s going to seem odd when I tell you I’m an Argentine tango teacher, so no shyness as such obviously; however: this fact alone still brings quite some pressure with it because of high expectations!
    We didn’t really feel like doing a first dance in the first place (partly because after all it is a little bit like ‘work’ to me) but you can be certain people will ask for it at some point, right? And THEN I’d just feel crappy about saying no to them…
    So we’ve enlisted our tango friends to swoop in about halfway through if and when it happens, setting off a ‘snowball’: starting with one couple who’ll split us up, then four more dancers come on and split those first two couples up, and so on and so forth.
    This way it just doesn’t feel as much as a performance, which is great as I am no longer worried/annoyed about not being able to perform at my usual standard in the shoes and dress I’ll be wearing, and it’ll be just a fun little surprise for everyone including ourselves: we haven’t prepared anything else about it, so no idea when it’s going to happen, with whom, to which music: there’s nothing for us to do but to be in the moment and have fun!

    • I’m guessing that since you wrote this comment yesterday, your wedding is today, and with that said, CONGRATS!!!! And I hope you have an amazing wonderful perfect wedding day and that your wedding dance goes smoothly and awesome (Im sure it will :))

  4. Loved it!

    And our first dance will be with friends and siblings – to the final scene from Grease (we go together like a ramalama etc). We are choreographing some basic moves at our hens / stags afternoon and it will be performed on the night straight after our speech 🙂

  5. I adore this! Girlie is too cute! I doubt I could get most of my girls to do this… they are a tad shy… But I may steal and modify this idea a little! Hubs and I are going to have a first dance. But I want to get my crowd moving a little. I am thinking about getting my girls together for “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” and trying to run through the crowd the Way Cyndi Lauper dances throught the streets in the video and pull people up to dance with us!

    So cute! Such an adorable video!

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