Lori’s grand entrance and her husband-made veil

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Takeagoodhardlookatthemotherfuckingboat3 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)I love me a grand entrance, and Lori (Tribe member vertigo912) made a sweet grand entrance to her wedding ceremony — on a paddle boat! Says the bride: “My two little brothers paddle boated me up to the dock, where I met my parents, who both walked me down to the man of my dreams! Right here, I'm threatening them not to dump me.”

Hey, I would call him “the man of my dreams,” too, if he made that freaking veil for ME on my wedding day. Yup, that's right: her husband actually made that adorable veil.

Screenshot20110614at9.24.20AM alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)We've had husband-made wedding rings and even wedding dresses, but this is (I think) our first husband-made veil and DAYUM if it doesn't match her grandmother's wedding dress perfectly. Oh, and before you even ask — we already have a request in to the hubs to do a DIY tutorial.

Lori and her cute husband alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)Perhaps we'll be hearing so much more from this intriguing wedding once these two crazy kids are finished moving to Germany from the US via cruise ship.

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Comments on Lori’s grand entrance and her husband-made veil

  1. Dude, paddle boat entrance? BLOWING MY MIND.

    Also, congrats to her husband on his mad sewing skillz!

  2. Aw this wedding is so fun, what a good idea using a paddle boat! Love the parasol, your grandmother had excellent, timeless taste in wedding gowns and it looks wonderful on you. As for the veil, its great, it gives your outfit just the tiny bit of modern touch it needs. Can you send your hubby over to teach him how to make veils too? He’s very much a jack of all trades but mainly is great at making a mess, lol.

  3. Apparently grandma’s wedding dress is almost exactly what I’m planning to make for my dress, lol. ‘Cept mine is a little more 1983 and a little less 1933.

  4. Any more photos of that hair? It’s fantastic, and exactly what I was thinking of for my big day!

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