Glittery boots for wedding days and other ways

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These boots are only $50!
These boots are only $50!

Longtime friend of Offbeat Bride Carrie emailed me last week about these glittery boots, gushing “Just imagine the amazing socks you could show off in these boots. Knowing we’re shoe lovers I had to send them to you.” And she's right! I picture a few Sock Dream socks under these babies, with their sparkly soles and… oh man. Do these count as rain boots, even?

Inspired by these, I decided to go down the rabbit hole of glitter boots. I feel like these could be great for a winter wedding (glitter peeking out from under your hem, as you stand in the snow!), but realistically they could just be great for anything. Let's lace up, and glitter out.

(Warning: sparkly boots are apparently the place where things are either $30 or $800. Some of these are designer. You've been warned!)

glitter boots

dark glittery boots from zappos

silver glitter boots on offbeat bride

star sparkly boots

blue glitter boots only available up to size 9

glitter snow boots.jpg

kate spade glitter boot

MAISON MARGIELA glitter boot

pink glittery oxfords

gold glittery boots for wedding

high heel silver bootie

Random bonus shoes!


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  1. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m a little sad about the rocket dog boots I just bought! My life is totally missing those blue/purple sparkly boots at the top!

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