Gender-neutral (and slightly NSFW) wedding party gifts

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If you're on my same wedding date trajectory (Wedding Season 2017!) then you're probably frantically looking for gifts for your wedding party. And, you're also noticing that almost all things labeled “wedding party gifts” have “bridesmaid” emblazoned across them in giant cursive letters. Welp, my wedding party is co-ed, and I don't see my best friend Ken rocking that “best bridesmaids ever” tank top any time soon.

So here are some of my favorite gender-neutral wedding party gifts (that are also slightly NSFW) that I've found whilst on my search…

Personalized drinks

Sure, you can gift them their favorite expensive bottle of wine… but you could also gift them a cheaper bottle of wine with an awesome custom label picked just for them! Is your bridesman more of a “punch you in the face” kinda guy or a “run away” kind of guy? Celebrate whatever kind of guy or gal you got on your hands with wine… lots of wine.

Snarky handkerchiefs

Snarky handkerchiefs FOR ALL! These ones come in all kinds of patterns, including solid, so they can make sweet gifts for your crybabies as well as look great as a pocket square.

Star Wars Robes

Who says wedding party robes have to be all flowery, or embroidered with anything over than a blaster? These Star Wars robes are perfect for lounging pre-wedding and great for photo ops!

Personalized water bottles

Encourage your wedding party to stay hydrated, and avoid cooties, with personalized water bottles. You can do names, monograms, or inside jokes. Whatever it takes to know which bottle belongs to which wedding party member.

Bags and totes

I love a foul-mouthed tote bag. Especially one that literally does what it says, like the “keep your shit together” toiletry bag.

Or you could make your foul-mouthed tote bag more subtle by embroidering the inside with a secret naughty message. Who in your party is a gentleperson on the streets and a freak in the sheets?

Bottle openers

Whether they're winosaurs or beer-lovers, get everyone a personalized bottle opener that shows them that, while they may be knobheads… they're your favorite knobheads.

What gender-neutral (and slightly NSFW) wedding party gifts are you planning to get your favorite knobheads?

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  1. I had a co-ed bridal party all of whom were coffee drinkers. I went with personalized travel mugs in our wedding colors. Each said their name, their role in the wedding, and the date.
    Psst, I love that so many of these items are personalized. A wedding site that shall not be named told me I was the dreaded “t” word for A. Getting everyone the same gift and B. Getting them personalized with names/dates. Oy!

  2. Love the idea of neutral gifts that dont say bridesmaid on them! Cause really who is going to continue to use something that says Bridesmaid in their daily life and my girls – cause I do have all girls at least for the adults in my bridal party { my 2 nephews will be rocking the Usher (one’s a teen) and Ring Bearer roles} – are first and foremost my sisters (all 4 of them) and friends and they are Bridesladies/Lady of Honor/Herald for a day (I HATE the word Matron so “Lady” covers everything for the married and unmarried in the group). I definitely want to personalize and reflect the season in our gifts but I want them to be things they would wear/use all the time (or at least all winter). Totally loving the water bottle idea especially because it looks insulated – can you say filled with Hot Toddy’s and given that am?

  3. It’s not very out of the box, but we just got everyone flasks engraved with their names (and not their “title” in the wedding) because it just seems so much more likely that they’ll use them. Everyone in our party loves to drink, with the exception of my little sister who is still well under 21. I still got her one, and I’ll give it to her when she starts drinking some day!

  4. My groom got some pocket knives for his groomsmen with their names engraved on the blade. While I was ogling the pretty stack he handed me one which I snapped open and saw was engraved for me! I literally screamed and started jumping up and down. Not only was it my first time seeing my future married name on something (other than scrawled on corners of paper like I’m a teenager…) but who doesn’t love a pocket knife? SO useful. I was always jealous as a kid that my boy cousins got pocket knives each year for Christmas but I didn’t.

    Also, I was given a nice pair of sunglasses from a bride once; so we added a pair of fun bamboo sunnies for the whole party.

    • My husband did this! I was jealous! I got my ladies engraved metal champagne flutes. Helpful bridesmaid also got champagne to put in said flute. Unhelpful bridesmaid did not. (Helpful bridesmaid got her fizz at a later date)

  5. We got our bridal party customized Celtic looking metal mugs to wear with their renaissance themed outfits. They loved them!

  6. Is there any way possible to find where the dress in the first photo is from? It stole my heart…

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