Fake out your guests with a bouquet toss switcheroo

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Rubber Chicken Toss/Bouquet Toss Fake Out

Katie (of Katie & Clinton's photo-tastic family fun farm wedding fame) is quite the jokester. So when she decided to participate in the bouquet toss ritual, she decided to throw a wrench into it. A rubber chicken fake-out was in order!

The bridesmaid who caught the chicken also won 20 free hot wings. HA! Rubber chickens ended up finding their way onto the dance floor and their photo booth, too. It sounds like a “fowl” time. Ohh, bad puns are bad.


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Comments on Fake out your guests with a bouquet toss switcheroo

  1. what a cute idea! I’m going to do a bouquet toss, but because my bouquet is heavy and made of beads and wire, and because my wedding is on halloween, I’m going to throw a candy bouquet! Person who catches it gets candy (more useful than a bouquet of flowers anyway :P)

  2. OMG That’s awesome! We have miniature rubber chickens on our boutineers – we should totally sneak them into other parts of the wedding!!

  3. awesome idea – how did I not think of this?

    there were many little girls at our wedding and they all wanted the bouquet, so before throwing, I untied the bouquet to create a shower of flowers and everyone got a few.

  4. i love this idea. super cute and i dont see too many of this. most of the trickery and fun comes at the garter toss with props being pulled out of the dress (under the chair). nice to see the bouquet getting some rep 🙂

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