Stripes, skulls, and robots… on FEET! It’s a sock-tastic journey

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Becky and Aaron's groomsmen know how to rock robot-chic, which perfectly matched their robot-themed wedding. Grooms, groomsmen, and even entire wedding parties know that even the most formal event can get away with a little excitement in the sock department.

We decided to comb our archives to see how couples and groups dressed up their tootsies. What we found was no less than matchy-matchy, crazy neons, robots, colorful stripes, and even some skulls. And there is no lack of the ever-funny pant leg lift shot.

The clown socks!
Lucy and Travis found these socks at a clown supply store. You can find similar colorful stripes here, or go even wilder with tie-dye or flames!

The Groomsmen
Sarah and David's “love never dies” rockabilly wedding featured some bad-assery with skull socks.

Striped Sock Crew
Darcy and Charles decided to bestow their chosen “besties” with socks from Sock Dreams and then left the rest of their outfits up to them. It's an awesomely stress-free alternative to everyone matching, but still gives them something special to tie them all together.

I Feel So Pretty!
Michelle's groom Sharky and his groomsmen found some blue argyle and got flirty with the camera.

Laureline and Cédric's men of the wedding party not only matched their neon socks to each other, but to their laces too!

Up Your Kilt!
A sock roundup without kilt socks?! Never. Erin and Jeff's Scottish tartan and balloon animal wedding had no shortage of smexy kilts and the tall socks that belong with them.

Mustache Socks
Vanessa and Derek had lots of fun details and socks were not missed. Like those yellow mustache socks? They're available here!

venice 15 081512 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
Relaxing at Venice and Julian's reception with bros in funky socks? Don't mind if I do.

Matching shoes and socks
Kisså & Todd decided to go with style and comfort in Chucks and argyle.

Needing Sock Garters
Tribesmaid Mackitten captioned this photo with “needing sock garters,” which are definitely a nice-to-have when you're planning to keep those babies up through a night of dancing. Also: points for matching the tie!
We've seen Mathea and Luke's bouquets and colorful sock/vest combo before. These socks look like they could have come from a sock exchange.

aBWphotography086Polish groom Piotr wore two different striped socks, which looked pretty awesome with his purple pants.

photography: Madlove Photography

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