The offbeat groom: Krys, Barber

His offbeat partner: Kayla, Hair Stylist

Date and location of wedding: Castle Ottis, Saint Augustine, Florida — October 19, 2014

Our offbeat wedding at a glance: I remember taking Kayla on a first date in a helicopter, and she mentioned that she'd always wanted to be married in a castle like something out of a fairy tale. So we decided to make her fairy tale wedding dream come true. We went for a Victorian vintage castle theme. I (the groom) wanted it to be everything she'd ever dreamed. We didn't stay as traditional as most, but then again, nothing about us is “normal.” We are both hairstylists, and have some great clients who really helped us out with a lot of things for the wedding, which also saved us a lot of money.


Tell us about the ceremony:
Our ceremony was very short and sweet. We had a prayer, and said “I do,” but we didn't want much more than that. It was more than enough to have the honor of taking the most beautiful woman to have and to hold for the rest of my life. It was also a small wedding. The ceremony venue held 48 people and the reception venue held more. We went small to lessen the stress on everyone.


Our biggest challenge:
We were lucky that we didn't have many challenges to overcome. The biggest problem was our hotel booking had some complications. But if that's the worst of our problems, we're okay with that.


My favorite moment:
We have a pretty diverse family. Guests from all over the world were there, from Puerto Rico to South Africa. Seeing friends that we knew from way back when was also awesome. Having our families converse for the first time was scary, but it all came together with such happiness and love. We come from two different cultures: her side is Mormon and my side christian. We just really wanted a unified celebration.

Having Kayla's aunt and uncle there was also a blessing for us. They helped make our wedding really come together above and beyond what we imagined. The food was simple but great, too. We had a mix of items, from pizza to salads and bruschetta to Cubans.


What was the most important lesson you learned from your wedding?
Our families' love is unconditional, and they really showed us that. Kayla is my best friend and I knew I loved her the second I laid eyes on her.


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  1. What a stunning couple. And an absolute beautiful venue. It’s all gorgeous.

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