Wear your activity tracker on your garter

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Fitbit Wedding Garter

Are you a wearable tech nerd? Then you're probably like our Ariel — you RARELY take a step without making sure it's being game-ified. If you love knowing that every move you make will translate to a pretty graph later on, you may be wondering where you're gonna put your wearable tech on your wedding day.

I wore a Fitbit in my bra when I was a bridesmaid at my best friends' wedding and racked up an amazing amount of steps. (Get it? “Racked up?” Oi.)

But what if you're not wearing a bra with your dress? Do what Offbeat Bride Ruby did, and pop your Fitbit (or other activity tracker) on your garter, and watch as you log some impressive, active wedding day data.

Are you going to wear your activity tracker on your wedding day? Where are you hiding it?

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  1. I wore my Fitbit One in my bra on my wedding day. My photographer noticed it when I bent over & even took a photo of it! LOL!

  2. I’ll definitely wear my Fitbit One. I’m a bit obsessed. I’ll see if it will work with the bra I’ll be wearing – if not, I’m stealing the garter idea!

  3. I have an insulin pump, and as a singer wear a lot of formalwear. The leg band plan (which is basically a sturdy garter) works great unless you’re doing something very vigorous.

  4. I’m looking for a pretty Fitbit Flex band for my wedding day! I’ve been wearing mine constantly for the past year and a half and would feel nekkid without it…

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