We love this couple and their pink details

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Photo by Hannah Millard

This photo of Offbeat Wed reader Pinkerbell and her groom just radiates happy! First, can we talk about how their pink details all match — her belt and petticoat and shoes, and his tie! Next, we need to talk about the sheer joy we feel at seeing folks getting married who aren't in their 20s. Loves comes to us at all ages, and weddings aren't just reserved for the young. More mature weddings, please!

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  1. Oh man, I want to see more of Pinkerbell’s wedding! There is just so much happy and adorable in that picture!

    • She has promised to submit and I will be nabbing it up as soon as she does!

  2. HOLY SHIT. Spray painted glasses.

    Sorry, by brain exploded when I realised how stupidly awesomely EASY & CHEAP this was! You can pick up glasses at like 5 for $1 at the thrift stores and then paint them all for maybe another $3. And here I was budgeting for about $4 per candle holder for our wedding. HA! I love this website!

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