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Photo from Kirsten & Dustin's 1950s nostalgic rockabilly wedding by Chris Graham

Augh, I SO WISH I had thought of this myself! Looks like Kirsten and Dustin like A Lovely Love Story as much as I do. However, they came up with the brilliant idea to use the little book by Edward Monkton as their actual guestbook. And I did not.

Don't be like me! Be like Kirsten and Dustin and have your guests scribble their signatures and well wishes throughout the pages of YOUR fave book. The possibilities are endless, really!

So what book would you happily defile for a guestbook? Or could you just not deal with WRITING in an honest-to-goodness, real live BOOK?

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  1. I did this for the guestbook at my big, fancy 30th birthday party last year, with the collected works of Byron (yes, I’m a Goth at heart, can you tell?). My only regret is that I gave people a fountain pen, and then didn’t think to tell them to please *not* snap the book shut instantly upon finishing their message.
    Now, to my eternal grief, I have lost the majority of those, presumably lovely, messages to indecipherable inkblots, and have also ruined my favourite book of poetry. 🙁

    It’s still a beautiful idea, but don’t be like me, kids, and allow yourself to fall victim to the perils of excessive fanciness outside the experience of most guests (and their ability to understand how to interact with); use a felt-tip, or a Biro.
    Regrets, I’ve had a few…

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