Edward Gorey themed, antique-style wedding

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How incredible are these antique inspired photographs!?…


Kim and Peter had an intimate wedding ceremony in their home in Portland, Oregon. Their theme was inspired by their antique photo collection (as if you couldn't tell) and Edward Gorey illustrations.


They had a small, intimate ceremony in their home, followed by a cocktail and appetizer reception they held there too. Kim hand-dyed her dress, and Peter wore a tailored suit and waistcoat.


Their invites, table decorations, sign-in book and favors were designed by an illustrator friend of theirs who used Edward Gorey as inspiration.


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  1. I absolutely love how this turned out! I love how it was so intimate, personalized, antique, precious……I could go on and on!

  2. I love the aesthetic of this! I’m sure tons of planning went into it, but it just looks so simple and clean. Tres cute!

  3. OMG!!!! I’ve always wanted to do an Edward Gorey wedding! I dreamed of it for years! I can’t believe someone else had the same idea! So beautiful!

  4. The title itself made me go “eeeeeeeeee” lol

    Edward Gorey kicks ass. An Edward Gorey wedding kicks even more ass. We’re having a Poe-ish wedding (which is funny to me because my side of the family is Polish lol), with a spice of Addams. I have two photographer friends who will be shooting my wedding, one will shoot the wedding old-fashiondy style (I especially want formal pics like my great grandparents’). She is also studying cinematography now and we might have her shoot the wedding as a silent film, with a crank-camera that she has access to (having a traditional video isn’t really that important to us).

    I cannot convince my fiancee to wear stripes, or brown, which makes me sad though. But at least I am lucky enough for him to be the same kind of weird as me. lol

    PS: The photo with the barrel is my favorite photo ever! This is also one of my favorite weddings on this site. <3

  5. Love love love love love! I love small weddings, I love the theme/aesthetics, I love it all! Congrats on ur marriage!

  6. I love this! I love the photos sooo much! I think it looks so great! The barrel pic is definitely a fav!

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