Why I’ll be kicking ass in Doc Martens wedding shoes

Guest post by Julianne

doc martens wedding boots

I found these Doc Martens wedding shoes (available in black, red, or palest grey) recently, and purchased a pair to wear at my wedding in about a year — got to break those things in!

I love that they're fancy Docs, and that they're named for Persephone, a goddess I've always felt a connection with.

Docs do run a bit big, so my US Women's 8.5 fits in their US Women's 8 / Men's 7 for heels, and my for life pair is a US Men's size 6.

I also like Docs because products are listed in both men and women's sizes. I haven't checked availability for all products and sizes, but that bit of gender neutrality secures my money.

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  1. I’m wearing Doc Martens to my legal wedding in October – not these ones but I just ordered my third pair so I’m hoping they will work out!

  2. Hah, I ordered the Persephone in black last year…….to wear for my October wedding this year!

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