How to make your own feathery floral hair fascinator

Guest post by Rachel

suppliesOffbeat Bride Tribe member/crafter Rachel took the advice of her photographer and crafted herself and her bridesmaids some feathery floral fascinators for her and her new hubby's black and red uber-stylish wedding. This is a step-by-step tutorial she put together (mere days after The Big Day!).


  • Small hair comb (plastic or metal)
  • Feathers, fake flowers, ribbons, decorations
  • Hot glue gun
  • Yarn
  • Scissors

yarn start

Step 1:
Take the yarn and small hair comb. Tie the end of the yard onto the end of the comb and hot glue to the comb.

yarn mid

Step 2:
Wrap yarn around the comb through tines. This creates a base to glue your decorations to. Choose a yarn color that goes with your decorations so that if any shows through it is not too obvious.

yarn final

Step 3:
When you reach the end of the comb, tie off the thread and hot glue again to set it. Trim the yarn so that your comb resembles the image above.

first item

Step 4:
You want to start with the items that will be in the back of the fascinator first. Here I'm starting with an ostrich plume. Hot glue them in place to your comb.
Hint: When attaching the decorations keep in mind that the comb tines should be pointing down when you put the fascinator in your hair so that gravity doesn't cause it to fall out when it's in.

second group

Step 5:
Add more decorations in layers. Try not to hot glue them all just to the top of the first layer of decorations. Hot glue some of it to the yarn for more strength.

Step 6:

The last thing to add should be your focal piece. On mine, it was the flower. It should be last thing to go on so that it is up front and center!


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Comments on How to make your own feathery floral hair fascinator

  1. Beautiful! I'll definitely be DIYing something for my hair. I was thinking a hair vine, but this is so pretty I'm tempted. Hmmm….

  2. Yay! I am so glad you posted this! I am so darn picky about what I want in my hair this makes it easy to find the perfect one… Just make it the way I want it! Thank you OBB!!!! <3

    • You can find the combs just about anywhere that sells hair bands, headbands, etc. like Target, the grocery store, etc. The one I used for the tutorial I actually bought at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

  3. I made a similar fascinator for my wedding (well 3 actually- for me and my bridesmades) using antique broaches and feathers. I found out the combs did not stay in well at all, so I had to remake them onto hair clips I got at Michaels (I think they are called pinch clips or bow clips). If your fascinator will be heavy or if you have fine hair, I recommend using a clip. It worked perfectly and stayed in all night.

  4. Oh wow, that is something I could actually do! Thanks for this, as I now feel comfortable DIYing my fascinator for my birdcage veil 🙂

  5. my one interjection…,make sure the hair combs HOLD your hair before you go to all the effort. Not all hair combs are created the same. The only ones that work for me are from 1940. All the modern ones fall right out 🙁

    • this!
      as much as I loved the look of the metal combs I bought, I ended up using a plastic one because the metal ones just wouldn't stay put!

  6. Most hair combs are going to have to be bobby pinned in to make sure they stay in all day. Even with clips, the fascinator can sometimes be too heavy for them to hold and they are a bit more difficult to bobby pin in. I have super fine hair, but with some strategically placed pins they stayed in really well.

  7. Love these! I made these for all of the ladies at my bridal shower. It was really easy!

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