How to make a beautiful bohemian flower crown

Guest post by Aodhamair

make a flower crown videoAfter surfing around a little on Pinterest and Etsy, I realized I wanted a beautiful flower crown! It also went nicely with my Medieval fantasy wedding theme. Plenty of these are being sold on Etsy, but you easily pay 80 euros for them. I decided I would make one myself.

So can you! It is easier than you think. To show you in real-time how to do this, check out my video tutorial:

Material list:


  • Beads or feathers
  • Needle and thread

Here's how to make it:

How the crown looked on my wedding day…

How the crown looked at my wedding

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Comments on How to make a beautiful bohemian flower crown

  1. you look so beautiful, and congratulations on such a lovely and well crafted part of your wedding outfit. I’ve just pinned your tutorial to my One Day board – I think my life needs a midsummer party complete with such gorgeous crowns! Thank you 🙂

    • Ooh I love the idea of a midsummer party! You should see if you could get silk summer flowers.

  2. I went shopping only yesterday for fake flowers to make mine with, go flower crowns!

  3. Those crowns are beautiful, but OMG MERMAID HAIR!!!!!

    DYING of cute! 🙂

  4. Oh. My. Goodness! I have been looking for exactly this, everywhere. Thank you for breaking it down into simple steps! The amazing flower crown, and the gorgeous hair… This is seriously cute-kittens awesome.

  5. This is so gorgeous!!!! If I tie the knot again (I am divorced, but I’ve been in a relationship with the love of my life for the last almost year and a half), I’m so doing this.

    You’re a textile conservator? Good on you! I’m a museum curator and collections management specialist. 🙂

      • I’m at two museums in Kansas…one is a local county museum, the other is a salt mining museum (and our exhibits are in the mine, 650 ft down!). Prior to this, I worked for two military history museums, one in Pennsylvania and one in Arkansas. What about you? (Or are you on your own?)

  6. It looks gorge! As does your hair.

    I must say, I am deadly curious as to which city you live in. -_^ It’s not often I see other “Nederlanders” on OBB. Just wondering, no need to answer obviously ^_^

  7. Hi Aodhamair,

    Thanks for the great video! I love how you matched the crown to the bouquet and how life-like the flowers in the crown are. After watching your video, I am now very curious about something entirely unrelated: how come you have such an un-Dutch accent?

    And another question: as a fellow Dutch offbeat bride, can you give me any Netherlands-specific tips on getting married here? I’ve tried to look for blogs and such in Dutch, but there just doesn’t seem to be a lot of that around here. I’m specifically looking for places to find offbeat wedding shoes, a good (but cheap) florist, and any websites/blogs that feature Dutch wedding goings-on. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi,
      I lived in Ireland for 4 years hence my very confused accent ;).

      As to getting married in the Netherlands I mostly relied on foreign websites. As you already noticed there isn’t much offbeat Dutch stuff out there. I ordered my shoes online (lightinthebox). I took a bit of a chance with this but figured for 50 euro I could probably resell them on marktplaats if I had too. They fitted and looked nice but weren’t leather. So not the most comfortable. In the evening I swapped them for flats.
      I just went with my local florist which was not cheap but we did have a click and she understood very well what I wanted in the way of my wedding bouquet. I ‘saved’ on flowers by only doing a bouquet and no other flowers. As I quickly found out friends a family will also gift you flowers in your colour theme so we had a lovely piece sitting in our altar paid for by my friends ;). If you have someone in your family handy with flower arranging you can always just buy loose flowers and let them make the corsages. You are lucky you live in the Netherlands in that regard because you aren’t going to get flowers any cheaper then here. Although there is always the wedding mark up I paid 90 euros for my bouquet and wondered if I could not have lied about it being for a wedding ;).
      For my wedding I made heavy use of Etsy and other online sellers we had multiple boxes of stuff arrive each week (drove the neighbours a little insane until we told the mailman to just leave the boxes outside our door in the bush). If you start early enough you can order pretty much everything from the internet, he he.
      Sorry if this is not of much use to you. Let me know if you have more questions.

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