What are destination wedding photographer Dustin Cantrell’s 3 favorite things about offbeat weddings?

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Button vendor alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)Guess who Ariel and I partied with at the Lovesick Expo in San Francisco last winter? Our sponsor Dustin Cantrell! We had a blast with this guy who (we decided) is as awesome as he is talented. Which means it's a safe bet that you will have a blast with him at your wedding… no matter where it is.

Yup, though Dustin is based in New York, he's an experienced destination photographer. Let's look at some of Dustin's favorite shots from his favorite locations, while we talk about his three favorite things about shooting offbeat couples…


The photography

Dustin's first favorite thing should be obvious: the photography! I love the way he explained his passion for his job:

I live and breathe wedding photography. I lose sleep the night before the weddings I shoot trying to think of how I can capture the day with a unique perspective and to give my couples the very best images. I feel blessed to have found my passion and to be able to express it through my images. I work extremely hard to please my clients and want them to love their photos for years to come.


The couples

Dustin confessed to us that “the couples who have booked me through Offbeat Bride are the best!” Not that we're biased or anything but, yeah — we get it. 😉 Offbeat couples are always up for something a little different, which makes photographers happy. Wanna get your funky portraits on? Want a wedding photographer who will climb cliffs for you? Dustin Cantrell is down for it all. Which brings me to…


The locations

Dustin gets super-excited to shoot in new locations, and really enjoys working with couples who are up for adventurous images. It's his love of travel and ability to shoot anywhere that gives Dustin so many opportunities to shoot weddings across the US and internationally.


We're tellin' ya: Dustin is something special. This guy loves his job as much as he loves his couples, AND he's a master of location location location! No matter where your wedding is, Dustin is going to deliver on spectacular images, and be an awesome addition to your festivities. He can't wait to hear where your wedding will take him, so get in contact and it's YOU who could be partying with Dustin.

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  1. Yay! Dustin just shot our wedding and it was a joy to have him there. Can’t wait to see the results (which we’re sure will be fabulous!).

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