4 reasons Carrie Swails is the Denver wedding photography Jedi you’re looking for

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Why you should run away with Colorado's Carrie Swails...
Why you should run away with Colorado's Carrie Swails…

Okay, fellow geeks, this IS the wedding photographer you are looking for. You know Carrie Swails Photography is a sponsor after our own hearts because GO TAKE A LOOK AT HER LOGO.

Carrie Swails is a self-confessed “geeky and sentimental wedding photographer who specializes in non-traditional weddings.” That means she's, like, 100 percent full of pure awesome and perfect for your wedding. But that's not all — here are some more things you need to know about how awesome Carrie Swails Photography is…

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1. Carrie Swails is geeky

Raise your hand if you're planning a costume wedding or themed-engagement shoot. As Carrie explains, “I’m an especially huge fan of any wedding where I can dress up in costume. I love themed weddings and engagement shoots!” Um… hi. Did I not tell you she was perfect for us nerds?

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2. Carrie Swails is budget-friendly

Don't have a huge budget for, well, anything, but still want some of that sweet sweet professional photography love? Our girl Carrie always charges by the hour. Or as she puts it…

“Let's just skip the fluff about investments and packages. I price pretty differently. Instead of fancy schmancy packages, I price by the hour. It keeps things simple and easy for you to customize. You can adjust your wedding day coverage based on your budget. Wedding photography services always include the hours you book and the print rights to your images.”

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3. Carrie Swails is loved by her clients

Carrie is not only an amazing photographer but also a truly delightful person! My husband and I couldn't be happier with our wedding pictures and the service that Carrie offered. She is incredibly organized, thorough, and also extremely personal. I received timely emails keeping me organized photo-wise for my wedding, which was critical as I was planning a destination wedding in Colorado from Texas…

As with most weddings, mine had a few glitches (some might say major, like unexpected drizzle — nay, downpour — of rain, and a pastor that no-showed), and Carrie rolled with the punches right along with me, and we got some unbelievably unique pictures that we will treasure forever.

We planned a unique, small, low-key wedding, and Carrie was the utmost perfect fit for our photographer. I continue to follow her on social media and have seen more stunning pictures from all different types, sizes, and styles of weddings, and they all share a common feature: evidence of a truly talented artist.

– Martha, a.k.a., that super-happy, super-drenched bride

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4. Carrie Swails is now going to be your wedding photographer

I don't believe at this point I need to Jedi Mind Trick you into booking Carrie for your wedding. If you're geeky — book Carrie. If you're on a budget and still want amazing photos — book Carrie. If you want a photographer that you're sure to love — book Carrie.

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