Turn inexpensive paper lanterns into swanky decor

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Photo courtesy of Glue Arts
Photo courtesy of Glue Arts

Paper lanterns (like some of our favorites from Luna Bazaar) rock for inexpensive and reusable wedding decor that can fill a giant room or light up a small venue. They can hang from the ceiling or add height and color to a tablescape. But sometimes you're jonesing to add your own DIY signature since they're really just a blank slate. This tutorial shows how to add sweet paper flowers, but you could use the same technique to add all kinds of things: metallic paper, vines, ribbon, cut-out photos, or even paint directly on it. If it's light enough to glue, it's light enough to use.

And when the wedding is over, haul it home and hang it in your living room!

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  1. This design is the “Hakari” lantern made famious by the internationally known Japanese Architct Who designed these after WWII to provide light through beautiful art design. I the 1960’s in Art school I ofen purchased these and used india inn in various collors to create uniquie Light emitting from the globes huge high in the aire. A Universally beautifu original shape emits a soft light perfect for adding your personal design to this paper Globe.

  2. Oh man I really need my mom to remember who it was that offered to let us have the lamps from their wedding, our shelter at the park could so use these!

  3. Forget the wedding ideas, I’m not even engaged and I want to try this. No harm in making it early and using it than too.

  4. I love that there’s a post about paper lanterns. My fiance and I want to make paper lanterns into planet models and put LED tea lights inside for some extra ambient light. What I’m wondering is what kind of paint should be used on paper lanterns? Or possibly layering tissue paper on the lanterns?

  5. I had actually put this idea into action 2 months ago. As soon as i saw some butterfly cut outs the idea came instantly to make center pieces. I make a base at the bottom and placed flowers in the tops. They made gorgeous vases for silk flowers and I can’t wait to see what my guests think.

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