Dapper style inspiration for fancy pants

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Photo from Notorious-mag.
Photo from Notorious-mag.

Attention all you dapper darlings looking to fancy up your wedding: do you know Esther Quek, fashion editor for The Rake magazine? Because you should! Dig this style icon's take on menswear: bold colour, beautiful prints, and no accessory spared.

Click here for even more inspiration from Esther and be on that suit and tie shit.

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  1. I’d say I want to be this woman when I grow up, but she’s probably younger than me. So I guess I’ll just be eating a stick of butter in the corner and regretting my life choices for the rest of the night, then.

    • Honestly, I find that ANYONE can look awesome in a suit when it’s been tailored to fit you perfectly. Dapper as f***.

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