Sizzle Cone Designs has the (actually fun!) custom wedding games for all your events

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Just look at all the wedding-themed mad lib-y goodness!
Just look at all the wedding-themed mad lib-y goodness!

Far from just having an extremely fun name, our sponsor Sizzle Cone Designs has an extremely fun job: they make custom games for all sorts of wedding-related events — engagement parties, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, ceremonies and receptions, etc. I'm talking custom Mad Libs, crossword puzzles, even invites and more!

What do I mean by “more”? Oh, [verb] right this way, and I'll show you…

Custom wedding Mad Libs

These are not your run-of-the-mill kind of libs either. Sizzle Cone writes totally unique story lines that can't be found anywhere else. Or you can take them up on their lib story line upgrade and have them take your story (how you met, your quirks, how the proposal went down, etc.) and transform it into a one-of-a-kind Mad Lib.

“This was the best purchase ever! Mindy [from Sizzle Cone] took the information I sent and created the most hilarious mad lib! I love that it includes information that's specific to the bride and groom and their relationship…. Mindy is easy to work with and very responsive… Overall, an excellent experience!” -Libby C.

Guest book alternatives

Wedding Mad Lib, Marriage Vows Game

I absolutely love Sizzle Cone's idea of having your guests fill out a Mad Libs version of your wedding vows as your guestbook alternative. Or choose from any of these other Mad Lib prompts. How much fun would it be to curl up with all of these cards after your wedding and laugh your newly married asses off?

Bridal shower games

Bridal shower games _ Sizzle Cone Designs

Dreading the traditional bridal shower games? Or are you in charge of a bridal shower and don't feeling like buying and wasting a shopping cart full of toilet paper? Then you're gonna want to [verb] Sizzle Cone right on the [noun]. From crossword puzzles to “MASH libs,” these guys have got the games that won't make your party attendants roll their eyes.

Wedding activity books

Wedding Activity Book _ Sizzle Cone Designs

While you're entertaining your guests at your wedding with your creative guestbook alternatives, you can entertain their kids with these awesome wedding activity books.

…and more!

Chalkboard Invite Suite _ Sizzle Cone Designs

Sizzle Cone works closely with all their customers to hook them up with wedding fun and games, and they love custom orders! Wedding invitations, signs, programs, escort cards, table numbers, totally personalized games, digital print-ready gifts… whatever you can request, Sizzle Cone wants to hook you up with it. And right now they'll even do it at a discount:


Right now through July 31, 2015, you can take 15% off orders over $35 when you enter code OFFBEAT1535 at checkout!

Let's all join forces with Sizzle Cone in the battle to make weddings everywhere more FUN.

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Comments on Sizzle Cone Designs has the (actually fun!) custom wedding games for all your events

  1. Love love love this idea and Sizzle Cone Designs!! Our first bride is using them for her upcoming wedding and I cannot wait to see how amazing they turn out ????

  2. We used Mindy’s mad libs for our fall (October 19, 2013) outdoor wedding. It was an afternoon cake & punch type of reception at a beautiful state park under a covered pavilion. Her mad libs were the perfect addition to our informal, fun reception! We have lots of pictures of guests filling them out and smiling and laughing as they read them outloud! They were a hit and kept everyone entertained. She also worked with my colors and theme so they matched the feel of our wedding perfectly! We had complements afterward about how much fun & how unique our wedding was…one person saying it was the best wedding they’d been to that year! The mad libs helped form our overall feel for the day and made it fun and lighthearted, as we intended! Mindy was easy to work with and an awesome person! Also my hubby & I had a blast reading people’s finished libs later and now we have them as a fun keepsake! I definitely recommend using Sizzle Cone Designs for your next event!

    • Golly, thanks so much for chiming in, Cari! I’m SO glad everyone had a great time playing those libs!! And happy to play a small role in your very special day! <3

  3. I used Sizzle Cone Designs’ wedding libs, signage, and programs at my wedding, and it was one of the BEST decisions my groom and I made. Several of our guests weren’t interested in shakin’ their thang on the dance floor, but they were kept busy (and giggling!) in their seats with the variety of libs at their place settings. I also loved how the designer made everything coordinate. It created a lovely cohesion to the whole wedding to up the classy factor. 🙂

    • Yippee! Thanks for chiming in, Amanda! I’m excited to show the world some photos from you FABULOUS wedding. 😀 It’s a great idea to have something for those guests who don’t like to shake their thang. LOL

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