Custom horror movie posters for your Halloween wedding decor

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Jodi and Mark A Wedding day-9954

Jodie and Mark, pictured here with their ring bearers, came up with an eerily wonderful way to decorate your Halloween wedding. Mark created custom horror movie posters that included photos of themselves, their wedding party and friends. Grab your popcorn and peep the latest previews of “It came from the Offbeat Bride Flickr pool!”

flatten2 3“Deadly Devotion” featuring Mark and Jody on the Halloween night they got engaged in New Orleans.

They Came From The Fog“They Came From The Fog” featuring Sox and Gumbo (the ring bearers) and friends.

WoLfman Vz The Mummy“Wolfman Versus the Mummy” featuring members of the wedding party.

Attack of the 50Ft Woman“Attack of the 50 Foot Woman” featuring the maid of honor!

Bow down to these horrorific wedding posters… and to Mark's creative use of Photoshop! Now hopefully y'all will fill out a bride profile so we can see more of this bad-ass wedding.

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