Creepy skull shoes for Halloween weddings and beyond

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skeleton shoes on offbeat bride

It's almost Halloween and while I know most of you Hallowedding brides probably already have your shoes all set, I still can't resist the urge to round up some skull shoes. As always, I tried to go for a range of styles and sizes — even within this niche of skeleton shoes. You'll find some spendy Alexander McQueen styles and some uber-cheap Iron Fist stuff, sky-high heels and comfy flats. So without further ado, let's get creepy!

skeleton spine heel

Iridescent Skull Spiked Platform stilettos

mint skull heels from tuk on offbeat bride

sugar skull design shoes

alexander mcqueen skull flat on offbeat bride

Biker Chic Heels with Crystal Skulls and Flames

iron fist skull shoes

skeleton bridal shoes

skeleton shoes skulls offbeat bride

Hand Painted Espadrilles - Till the End Skull Lovers - Custom Shoes- Hand Painted Shoes

skull roses shoes on offbeat bride

light up skull shoes zombiepeepshow on offbeat bride

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  1. As a Halloween bride, I already have my two amazing pairs of shoes! The red and black pair I’ve had for years and the white raven pair I bought when we were engaged. Both are Iron Fist and I love both of them soooooo much! Since neither were shown here, I’ll share them!

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