A guestbook alternative that’s way more than just a blank page

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guestbook store image alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)We know that y'all are constantly on the lookout for new and different guestbook ideas. So when the Guestbook Store became a sponsor I geeked out a little about this creative alternative.

The Guestbook Store's guestbook concept is perfect for those of you who are looking for a fun way to capture wedding memories, and also entertain your guests during the party. Because these aren't just a blank page for your friends and family to “write something nice for us” or “sign their name” — it's interactive and gives them questions and fun prompts to answer in whatever way they choose to express themselves.

Keep reading to find out how these guestbooks work, why Steampunk/Neo-Victorian fans will be particularly interested, and the secret pasword for your offbeat discount.

steampunk guest book page alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
This antique-y design could be perfect for a Steampunk wedding guestbook.

Here's how it works

  • Each guest at your event will receive their very own guestbook page.
  • Leave a cup full of markers, pens, and other crafty tools out, and let 'em share their special messages with in their own crazy ways.
  • After your event, simply place the completed pages in one of their many guestbook album designs and enjoy!

Here's how you mix it up
The Guestbook Store has different page layouts for all your guestbooks needs — wedding and commitment ceremony, bridal/couple shower, anniversaries, etc. And their formal page design has an awesome 19th century feel to it, doesn't it?

Here's how you can save money

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: The Guestbook Store is offering Offbeat Bride readers a 15% discount. Just use the code OFFBEAT (all caps!) at checkout.

Now go and start creating your own super fun guestbook alternative and see what awesomeness your wedding guests serve up for you.

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Comments on A guestbook alternative that’s way more than just a blank page

  1. My husband and I had these at our reception and they were SO much fun! We had them laid out at each place setting, and had various colors of markers spread out on the table as well. It did double-duty because it gave everyone something to do other than sit and talk between courses or whatever. I can’t think of anything we could have used instead that I would have been so pleased with. The pages are so creative and unique, and some of them are hysterical… it’s so much fun to go back and read them now!

  2. These are so cute! Seems a bit easier than what I am putting together for my little sister’s wedding. I’m making a Creative Memories digital scrapbook of their 8-year (yes, 8) relationship up to their getting married, leaving room for people to sign and wish them well and whatnot.

    I hope I can make this a really great wedding present for them, because with both her and I getting married this summer, I am going to be tapped for cash.

    Thanks for posting this today! I think I might incorporate a few of those questions into sister’s book.

  3. One of my friends had these are their wedding, and it was hilarious to see what people drew and wrote! A great way to remember your guests’ personality as well as their advice and well wishes.

  4. I’ve seen these before on their website! SO glad there’s now a discount! Score!!!

  5. I really like these, never seen them before but definitely worth it. Thanks for posting, looks like great fun.

  6. I just tried to get to the checkout screen to check on shipping costs and got an error. Did we break them?

    • Hey Berta, I just sent your comment along to the Guestbook Store. Hopefully we’ll figure out what went on there soon.

      • Hi Everyone – Looks like everything is working again. Go ahead and give it another try! Ann
        PS – OFFBEAT coupon code is working as well ;0)

  7. OMG already ordered….I had been trying to figure out something more fun than the traditional “come on and sign my book” thing, but couldn’t find anything in my price range or that we liked….these are so cute!!!!

  8. Alas, the coupon code is not working for me!!!! 🙁 Getting an error message.

    • Make sure you’re entering the coupon code exactly as shown — OFFBEAT, all caps.

  9. OMG this is fantastic! The boy and I are in the midst of discussing wedding-y things and I think this may be an awesome compromise between boring guestbook (him) and signed photo mat (me). I’ll definitely be checking it out! 🙂

  10. Be sure your coupon code is in all caps…OFFBEAT. If in doubt, place your coupon code in the comments section of your order during check out and we’ll be sure to discount it!! Thank you!

  11. I love these! VERY cute! But, darn! I JUST bought a fingerprint tree! Maybe I’ll go read the “my wedding isn’t a competition” post again (because I know the fingerprint tree idea is cool, too!)

  12. Yay! I was trying to come up with something on my own, but this makes things much easier!

  13. EEK!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! We got married last summer and are planning a huge camping anniversary celebration this summer. These will compliment them perfectly! 🙂

  14. Those are really cute, and I’m really glad that they have gender neutral versions . . . but not everyone who is going to buy a gender neutral version is having a “commitment ceremony” instead of a wedding. When I get married next year, it will be a wedding, legally as well as emotionally, and it really, really bothers me that my wedding is being second-classed this way.

    • they said in their faqs that they can translate them into other languages, maybe they they can change the wording of the wedding ones to fit your needs. It never hurts to ask…

      • Nik, You are exactly right. We can certainly make text/question changes on the pages for you to make the perfect personalized guestbook!

    • Hello MadGastronomer, this is Amy, from Guestbook Store. We really love hearing your comments. Thank you for sharing! MadGastronomer, we appreciate your insight. Offering gender neutral pages is something very important, and personal to us. In naming the pages we also wanted to be sure to respect those who couldn’t legally marry, or those couples who preferred not to marry, but rather have a commitment ceremony. We would love to hear your suggestions, as we are certainly open to changing the page name or description for people to feel their wedding is valued by us. Guestbook Store supports same-sex marriage, and we want to be sure all of our customers feel the same respect from us! If you would like, feel free to e-mail me directly at [email protected] !

  15. Ooooh these are awesome.
    I’ve been having questbook quarrels with my beloved, and this alternative finally ended them. I wanted something fun that wasn’t just signing a blank page, she insisted on having a guestbook. This way, we have something fun that is a guestbook and don’t have to combine lots of other additional activities.

    Only downpoint: the international shipping (we’re in sweden) was more than the actual guestbook. ouch.

  16. I just ordered one of these on Tuesday and it arrived today! It is the coolest thing I have ever seen and I am so excited for people to see it! They even stuck a hand-written note in the box. Great company and experience!

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