Wine bottle cork placecard holders win at easy DIY projects

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handmade winebottle cork name place cards, with wax seal made at home

Bride Ashley made these wine bottle cork placecard holders with a wax seal for her wedding.

Fun factoid: the snowflakes determined whether the guests were having steak or chicken!

Here's how to make your own cork placecard holders:

  1. Get a bunch of corks and face them the way you want them to face (logo side forward, maybe?).
  2. Sand the bottoms flat so they don't roll around all over the tables.
  3. Use a utility knife to score a straight line into the top of the cork, holding the blade straight up and down. Re-cut the scored line until you get a fairly deep cut. Watch your fingers!
  4. Clean out the extraneous pieces of cork with a plastic card, like a credit card.
  5. Add your placecards and test one out before repeating the process on the rest.

Not into DIYing these bad boys? You can buy them pre-made on Etsy!

Wine bottle cork placecard holders are the an easy DIY project
Place Card Holders from Karas Vineyard Wedding

More ideas for those wine corks:

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