My HALO rings: behold the silicon wedding band!

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As some of you may recall, that guy I married does not wear a wedding ring. He gave it a shot for a while and HATED IT — it was too hard, the metal got too cold, and he felt it was too uncomfortable when he played guitar. I get it! My rings bug the shit out of me sometimes too — which is why you'll often find me ring-less as well.

That's why I got all super-stoked over these new My HALO rings. These rings are made of a thick silicone, which makes for a comfortable, yet durable fit for your active lifestyle, or metal jewelry-hating partner. A silicon wedding band is the most comfortable ring around!

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Silicon wedding bands are the perfect solution for:

  • Those of you who have super-active lifestyles — athletes, weight lifters, hikers, acrobats!
  • Folks with metal allergies
  • People with chronic illnesses like arthritis or lupus that can cause swelling
  • Pregnant people! Again with the soft, stretchy style accommodating swollen fingers
  • Mechanics, electricians, firefighters, nurses and folks with careers in which a metal ring is considered highly dangerous.
  • Musicians who need their fingers nimble
  • People who are looking for colorful rings — they come in bright patterns, and even rainbow for pride.
  • Anyone who happens to lose their rings all the time — these silicon wedding bands are so affordable at $30!

alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

My HALO Rings silicon wedding bands are super affordable (like $30!), they're comfortable, they're colorful, and they're just beyond awesome. Methinks I'm gonna surprise that guy I married with one of these super comfy silicon wedding bands. You should do the same with your comfort-loving partner!

alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

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Comments on My HALO rings: behold the silicon wedding band!

  1. This is amazing! My biggest question is what happens if you get paint on it. Will acrylic paint permanently stain? Will oil paint eat the ring?

  2. I’m wondering if anybody knows if they’re stretchy? (As in, might they be a good option for a pregnant person with swollen fingers who can’t wear regular rings?)

  3. I have a matching black titanium bands with my husband. They are a matte finish with a beveled edge. I bought mine online from the site named after a river 🙂

  4. My FH can’t wear rings because of arthritis. But if these are stretchy…

    • Hey ladies- my wife is preggers and is starting to swell- her halo is working fantastic:) … lots of give to get around swollen fingers- a side effect of lupus is swollen joints and arthritic pain.

  5. Yay! How awesome. FH has been groaning about having a “fancy ring” he’ll never wear because of work and so on… BAM! Guess what I just bought!! 🙂

  6. These are fantastic! I don’t wear a wedding or an engagement ring but I feel naked without jewellery on my hands and would love to have something I can wear at the gym or beach. I’m on my way over to the site to buy one now. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Totally am ordering one of these! A) I have lupus and anyone who supports lupus research makes my day. B) I play roller derby and am afraid to wear my for real ring on the track. This is PERFECT!!!

    • Thanks! It helps that I’m not the only one with a chronic illness on the team, so everyone is really understanding when I need a “me” day (or week).

      I love that you all are helping out with lupus research! It was a huge selling point. Talked to some of my teammates last night about your rings. (While we were all taking ours off and stashing them in whatever we deemed a safe spot) A couple of the other girls are going to look into them too!

      Same feedback as above though, BLACK FOR TEH LADIEZ! PLZ! Us derby girls are a dark bunch haha!

  8. I am so getting one of these for my mechanic/training as a firefighter husband since he actually loves wearing a ring and hates having to take it off for work.

  9. Love this idea! My partner is a mechanic and has been pretty worried about the conductivity and durability of metal rings. This could be the solution!

  10. OOOOOH! As someone who is massively allergic to most metals and I get blisters and rashes from wearing my metal rings. (though I do it for family/formal functions. It helps a little to coat them in clear nail polish but it only works for short periods of time.) this. is. awesome. <3 And so affordable! Definitely picking a couple up new paycheck.
    Oh someone else said something about wondering if acrylic paint would stain but that makes we wonder I didn't look if they are silicon based but if they are… that means silicon lube will probably not play nice.

    EDIT- Yup made of silicone. Make sure you take your ring off if you are doing anything with a silicone based lube. 😛 figured I'd just put that out there.

  11. Get the men’s medium. We are gonna size women up as well in the future but for now- I think you will like the men’s. A few of my wives friends wear the men’s collection on different fingers too… They love the look:)

  12. I want to surprise my boyfriend with a ring so that I have something to give back to him when he proposes, but I don’t know his size. Since I want it to be a surprise and most of rings I have been looking at can’t be resized, this seems like a good alternative. More forgiving on size and I won’t have to spend a fortune on something that might not fit. He can wear this one until (if) we replace it with a fancy wedding band. It will also be great for our hiking adventures and I may even need to invest in one for myself when I don’t want to wear my fancy ring.

    • Great idea! I want my bloke to have an engagement ring too (whether he wants one or not, lol) so this might be a fun way to achieve that.

  13. Absolutely love this idea! My husband and I are both in the military, and we both lift weights as exercise! I hate having to take my ring off for some work stuff, and for workouts. I will for sure give this a shot 🙂

  14. Whoo! Just bought some of these for both my husband and I. He hasn’t been able to wear a ring since we married last summer because his knuckles are much larger than the lower part of his fingers and he has never been able to get a well-fitting ring over his knuckles. We’ve been despairing of finding a ring he can wear, this is so great! I’m also loving the different color options and that I won’t have to take them off except when I’m doing lab work for grad school. Thanks guys!

  15. I am so excited, I just bought two of these rings. My fiancé is in the military and currently deployed. I am a nurse. I got one for myself and one for him as we both have jobs that don’t lend themselves to normal rings. He was also sad that I have an engagement ring and he doesn’t. Compromise!

    I hope the ring fits him seeing as it will take longer than the time for returns to get to him. But I believe they will work with me if it doesn’t.

  16. Oooh I want these rings for my husband and myself since we do crossfit together and other physically challenging activities. I definitely will consider using this “as an alternate” on a daily basis so we don’t have to deal with the worries of taking off our rings and possibly even misplacing them. I will see if my husband can purchase this for us and i’m sure he will be more than willing.

    • Husband surprised me with one of these rings, and I can say it is crossfit-compatible. No ring-blister from the weights!

  17. Thank you soooo much for posting this! I was starting to stress about leaving the ring part out of the ceremony because my fiance is so against wasting money on an expensive ring that he just won’t wear. This is a perfect solution! I can’t thank you enough!

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