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I've featured a fair amount of colored crinoline on Offbeat Bride, but here are a few of my very favorites…

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Photo by Thorson Photography
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You can see SO many more gorgeous photos in our colored crinoline archive!

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  1. Wow! It almost looks like a set of fireworks under there with all the sharp angles and colors. Very cool. 🙂

  2. Thanks Grace! And thanks Ariel for the post! Grace, the shoes are from Filene's Basement, on sale. I think I saw them also at DSW. They are suprisingly comfortable. I had these really expensive rock star shoes that I had bought as my splurge, and then they were too uncomfortable to wear, so I ran out and got these, and I've worn them 4 times since! just goes to show..and I still haven't worn the expensive ones.

  3. Thanks! I thought I posted a comment that said how we made it but it's disappeared. If it doesn't post I'll write again.

  4. I'm not seeing a comment about how you made it anywhere in our commenting system — so it didn't come through on our end! Repost?

  5. Sorry Ariel, I'm a bit of a tech-idiot. I may not have posted correctly. In response to Kathleen's question about the bottom of the dress, first we tried to make a tutu from scratch to go under the dress, but my friend and are not well versed enough in sewing to do that, and we thought it would be too poofy, so in the end we sewed multi colored strips of tulle with varying degrees of thickness to the last two levels of the already existing petticoat. This worked out great! Biggest tip is to leave the strips extra long and then cut the length to your taste at the end. I think my friend my start a 'add color to your petticoat' side business if you want more details email me. However, she is a beginner in sewing, so I think if you take the picture I posted on Flickr of the dress hanging in the window to anyone who can sew, they can download patterns and figure it out just like we did! Also, I loved what the bride a few days ago said she did with her David's bridal dress, if I were doing this again I'd get a simple and inexpensive circle skirt white dress from anywhere, shorten it, and then build the bottom. Ariel, you are amazing for bringing this community together and for all your help. I can't wait for Offbeat Mama! Congratulations.

  6. Soooooo Gorge-I'd love to give it a go on my bargainous bridesmaids dresses that I've just bought!x

  7. Got an orange crinoline that is amazing. Could not decide btw the dark red or orange. Orange looks great with the "cream" tones in my dress. has bright colors in the crinis

  8. Hi! I’m SO excited for my short dress and crinoline. Do you have any favorite online crinoline vendors?

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