All the single ladies? Nah. Have a co-ed bouquet toss

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Photo from Susan & Jana's barn dance wedding in the Catskills

I am crushing hard on Susan and Jana‘s take on a bouquet toss. They gathered aaaalll the single hotties to the floor, not just the ladies!

As if a coed bouquet toss wasn't cool enough, Susan and Jana rigged up a nifty lil prize for the winner of the toss:

We also gave a prize for the co-ed bouquet toss, since the antiquated prize of a husband didn't really mesh with our vibe. Susan's sister painted a canvas with the state of NY, and it was given to the winner.

Nifty! What would you offer up for a coed bouquet toss?

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  1. Great idea to give away a prize to the “winner” and make it co-ed! We did away with the toss altogether because I hated it when I attended weddings (when you date someone for 8 years before getting engaged, bouquet tosses are not fun), but that’s a fun way to keep it but negate the aspects most dislike about it.

  2. As professional wedding photographers we have suggested this option for a bouquet toss many times. Another surprise idea to get people motivated to join in the fun is to add scratch off lottery tickets to the bouquet. Your guests will be jumping for joy rather than dodging the oncoming flowers. 🙂

  3. Fairly early in our wedding planning I nixed the bouquet / garter toss tradition. I’ve never enjoyed participating in them, the whole garter thing just grosses me out, and I feel they’re antiquated traditions that involve a lot of gender stereotyping. I honestly didn’t want to do anything like this but my fiance wanted to toss something so we came up with the idea to do a co-ed “mystery toss.” Anyone who wants to participate including the married folk will line up behind us and try to catch one of two …. (tune back in after Halloween for the answer!)

      • I AM SO SORRY! YOU’VE WAITED SO LONG! I honestly completely forgot to come back and post the answer after all the hubbub of the wedding and then Christmas started up. What we ended up doing was entirely my husband’s idea. He got two light up ghost helium balloons and paper grocery bags.
        We blew up the balloons in the kitchen of the venue and then the DJ announced the “mystery toss.” We got all the singles out on the dance floor and had the men behind my husband and the women behind me. The DJ gave us a three count and we flung the balloons behind us … the crow surged forward … and the balloons drifted up in the air and no one could snag one fast enough! We whirled around and yelled TRICK OR TREAT! It was awesome …

  4. I loved how my friend handled the bouquet toss at their wedding … all the single people were either teenage siblings and cousins (which would’ve been creepy) or recently divorced/widowed (which would’ve been inconsiderate), everyone else was married or in a serious relationship (living in a committed relationship of 5+ years I’ve always hated the notion of being “a single lady”, because I’m totally capable of knowing when or if I’m gonna get married without having it beaten into my head with someone else’s bouquet thank you very much; and we’re in a country that hasn’t achieved marriage equality yet, so go figure) … they had everyone participate and the person who caught the bouquet “won” a fancy dinner with the bride and groom. Everyone loved it!

  5. We are doing a trivia quiz (which requires people to visit different tables) and the winner of the trivia quiz gets the bouquet, with a gift card to a local business attached. If there is a tie (which I’m hoping there will be), then I will do a toss to the potential winners.

  6. We had a couple of friends who were already planning a wedding a few months after ours. At a quiet moment towards the end of the evening my husband and I found them and gave them my bouquet and wished them the best for their wedding. My thinking was that we were going off on honeymoon so we weren’t expecting to be able to enjoy it for longer anyway so they might as well enjoy it whilst it lasted.

    Very sweetly (and unexpectedly) they pressed a couple of the flowers from it and sent them back to me later. Although it wasn’t something I had thought of doing (and wouldn’t have missed if it hadn’t happened) I really like having the pressed flowers and the story that goes with them!

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