Surprise your guests with an impromptu ceremony challenge

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One of my favorite parts of Monika and Alex's wedding was their surprise ceremony “Trials of Love” challenge, courtesy of the bride's boss! Check out what happened and see if something like this could fit into your own ceremony.

Once we finished our vows, our officiant turned to the best man to ask him for the rings. As planned, the best man did not have the rings, and the look on his face was priceless when he was asked for them. Suddenly, my boss shouted from the audience, “I Object!” Our officiant disagreed, they bantered, and my boss revealed that he has the rings and he is not yet convinced that we deserve them. We must pass the “Three Trials of Love” in order to win our rings.

He asked us to stand back to back and describe each other's eyes, ears, and lastly, we had to do an interpretive dance of our vows. Despite the fact we knew in advance that this was going to happen, we failed to prepare anything, which made these Trials of Love seem like a true test that we had a lot of fun with in the moment. We passed the test, exchanged rings, kissed, and skipped back down the aisle.

Check out what other shenanigans this pair got into at their eclectic community-supported love celebration.

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