Would you rock this vintage-chic ceramic flower bouquet?
Ceramic flowers for bouquets of centerpieces by Ceramics By Orly

We spied these ceramic flowers for bouquets or centerpieces over on Etsy and can't wait to see ceramic flower bouquets become a thing. They remind me of my 1976 Merry Mushrooms kitchen set.

We've already seen felt flowers (tutorial here!), paper flowers, crystal flowers, brooch bouquets, even pot bouquets, but as of yet, not that many sculpted beauties have crossed our path.

ceramic flower bouquet alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

What say you: are you down for a vintage-style multicolored ceramic flower bouquet or are you sticking with the classics? Share your bouquet (or non bouquet!) plans in the comments…

Would you rock this vintage-chic ceramic flower bouquet?
Shabby chic bridal bouquet by Ceramics By Orly

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Comments on Would you rock this vintage-chic ceramic flower bouquet?

  1. My husband and I met at a bookstore. I used books that were heading to the recycle bin (meaning, I didn’t destroy any books that weren’t already on their way out!) to make a Kusudama-style paper flower bouquet. We had a non-standard lunch reception, so there was no throwing of the bouquet or anything. It’s now on my fireplace mantle. I’m so happy I went that way with it!

  2. This just reminded me of the beaded flowers that my great-grandmother made. My mother and grandmother still own some and they would have been a fabulous way to honor her memory. Too bad I didn’t think of that before I got married! Although my bouquet was an orchid that was tied to a bible from my grandmother, both she and my mother walked down the aisle with it and and orchid, so it worked out either way.

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