Mojo, mojitos, and a hair cutting ceremony: This might be the most DIY wedding you’ll ever see

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Photos by Bowerbird Photography

Ariel and Samuel, the lovebirds of Bowerbird Photography had quite the amazing wedding at Mt. Tamalpais in Mill Valley, California. Everything was DIY with lots of help from family and friends. The day included a full-on pot luck dinner, musical numbers (with video!), a hair-cutting ceremony, and a ceremonial making of “mojo.” Enjoy this glimpse into a very cool wedding.









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After the ceremony, they enjoyed a mojito stand and Ariel's mom and her friends sang “Beyond the Blue Horizon”:



After the amazing potluck meal, Ariel's uncle Chris played a song that he wrote for them:


Thanks to Ariel and Samuel at Bowerbird Photography for sending us their amazing DIY wedding.

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  1. LOVE the story behind the haircutting ceremony (which is a cool idea anyway). Amazing upcycled outfits, too! There’s obviously so much love between and surrounding this couple. It makes my heart smile 🙂

  2. it looks so vintage! for a second there i didn’t know if it was current or not! perfect

  3. Ariel and Sam’s wedding was just as awesome as it looks! I am so happy to see my amazing friends on one of my favorite blogs! (oh hey I am a bridesmaid, so I guess I am on one of my favorite blogs too–rad!!)

  4. I am loving the vibe of this wedding (and loving the dress too!). Awesomeness!

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