Bad-ass button bouquets from Princess Lasertron

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You all remember Megan, aka Princess Lasertron, right? You've seen her on before … She of the pink polkadot wedding dress? She of the magenta crinoline? She of the magical felt-and-button wedding bouquet?

If you were drooling specifically over the button bouquet, you are in luck because Princess Lasertron makes them for a living. Well, bouquets along with boutonnieres, barrettes, and tons of other felty, buttony, vintage magic. Based in Omaha, Nebraska, Megan says “I spend a LOT of time searching for vintage materials to make my products. Every bouquet features mostly vintage buttons and other antique findings like ribbon, seam binding, thread, and felt. (But nothing dull or dingey!)”

You can buy her goods on Etsy at, read more about her process on and drown in button bouquet wedding porn on her Flickr photostream.

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  1. Wow. I have another tab open in my browser, where I was writing a little post about the Princess Lasertron button bouquets and blog. But… it looks like that ground has just been covered. How spooky.

    Adorable all round! Take the world by storm!

  2. So cute! I don’t know if they would really go with my dress/theme, but I’d love to have one. Hmmm…

  3. A lot of people order bouquets just to have at home, but I’ve made many styles of bouquets, resembling all kinds of flowers–not just the ones in the photo there. Thanks to you all for checking me out!! xoxo

    • Wah! I can’t check you out!! I tried the etsy link and I tried searching for lasertron on etsy and both came up blank!!

  4. I ordered one after I saw Megan’s Wedding Porn. Also got the boy’s bout from Megan as well.

    Can’t wait to show it off!!

  5. After seeing this, I contacted her over Etsy =] I can’t wait to receive my bouquet! I have been searching for the perfect, lasting bouquet, and this suits that desire perfectly.

  6. I love this button bouquet! Just perfect, I’m heading for Etsy too!

  7. Beautiful bouquets that don’t fade away. Back in the olden, olden days, these wouldn’t have worked though, because I hear tell that the tradition of ladies carrying flowers stemmed from the fact that bathing opportunities were few and far between. (The lovely blooms masked body odor.) Didn’t mean to get off track. These bouquets are truly lovely!

  8. Meg,

    Cannot wait to see what fantastic, orgasmic creations you make for my wedding in November…and can’t wait to post all the hot pix of them! AND can’t wait for you to get more business than you can possibly stand and not sell out to corporate America! You so totally rock, as does your name!!! LOL


  9. I knew I wanted an alternative to regular flowers. I just didn’t know *what I wanted. These button felt flowers are PERFECT!! Who wants to spent tons of moola on flowers when its better for the environment, and they’ll last for ever!!

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