The rarest of offbeat fashion sightings: BRIDAL PANTSUIT!

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Emily and Kevin - married!While we see a decent number of lesbian brides in hot butchy suits, I very rarely see het brides in bridal pantsuits.

…But all that changes today!

Emily totally rocked her flowy pantsuit at her August wedding. Her wedding photos should completely shatter any final misconceptions that bridal pantsuits can't be just as floaty and femmey and positively gorgeous as a wedding gown.

I'm hoping to see more het brides rocking pansuits someday … I've even put a bug in Chrissy Wai-Ching's ear that she should totally make a Wai-Ching version of this long-discontinued bridal pantsuit. (Who wants to be the first to commission it?)

Anyway, here are more gorgeous shots of Emily rocking her stunning bridal pantsuit:

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Comments on The rarest of offbeat fashion sightings: BRIDAL PANTSUIT!

  1. Awesome! I'm also digging the peacock feathers/red carnation(?) bouquets. Very dramatic.

  2. Yeees. I recently found a bridal pantsuit at a very mainstream Davids Bridal-esque wedding stress shop and I was thrilled to pieces. Not for me, but the store gets mad props for the all-style inclusiveness. This wedding makes me happy.

  3. I want a pantsuit in the worst way but don't know where to go! Do you know where this one is from or know any vendors that have pantsuits?

  4. I can't wait to wear my bridal pants ensemble (without a jacket, i don't consider it a suit) in May! Emily looks great, and I'm happy to be in good company!

  5. Oh man, if I had only known! I am such a pants person and would have loved to rock one at my upcoming wedding. But I already have a perfectly nice dress. LOVE the idea!

  6. Hi Sara,
    The pants are Vogue V1035, but we modified them a bit (made the pants two layers, one sheer, one lining, put an invisible zipper on the side, and took off the separate waist band and made it all one piece). The top is a really cheap New Look pattern (6900) and was super easy. Good luck!

  7. I'm a lady piper and nothing sucks more than hearing someone needs a piper and being told "No, we want a male piper. We want to do it properly!" (Someone waited until I actually arrived, tuned and dressed to tell me. I even matched my tartan to their colour scheme.) Lady wedding pipers rule!

  8. Delayed reply, I know, but, as I don't know anyone with sewing skills, I checked out Alfred Angelo and found a pantsuit that I like! I sent it to my mother and she LOVES it. This might not sound like much, but we have drastically different tastes when it comes to clothes (especially my wedding attire). Plus, they have a location in the area, bonus! So, anyhow, the point of this was to say THANK YOU!

  9. I am getting married Jan 1st and have been gleefully telling people for a year that I am wearing pants! My goal was to do a traditional color but it in pants and a great jacket. EVERYTHING I have found looks matronly and I am about to give up. With a month to go – I am at a complete loss. Any suggestions for places to look in Nashville, TN>

  10. I have just come back from my 2nd search for a wedding gown. I have come to the conclusion that I am not a dress person. This is no surprise, since I hated wearing dresses as a kid and hate wearing them now. I felt like I was LITERALLY being put into someone else’s idea of what a bride should look like. I’m totally into the idea of wearing pants. I love it actually!

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